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rating [ 10/10 ]
Price reflects the Good Sam discount. This place is excellent. It is located a few miles west of Interstate 15 in a rural area next to a river. There is a general aviation airport nearby and I think maybe a military training range also nearby because I saw a military helicopter fly over then the sound of automatic weapons fire shortly afterward. Fortunately it's quiet at night. This park has clean restrooms and a good laundry facility with 5 washing machines and dryers. It also has propane on-site which I wished I had purchased after running out later that night. It has a nice little riverside walk on the property. Be sure to ask about the new family of owls that have moved in. We are going to stop at this park again on our way back home.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is a fairly large, well-managed park with the Good Sam discount available. Due to nightly freezing weather, we were directed to disconnect the water line every night to prevent freeze-ups. The bathrooms are spotless with excellent shower facilities. The laundry room has 7 washing machines and 8 dryers (at $2.00 a load). This park is located just a few blocks from the entrance to Yellowstone NP. The sites are paved and reasonably level. Propane is not available. The office has a well-stocked mini-store and has knowledgeable people running the counter. Highly recommended for folks visiting Yellowstone. A bit pricey maybe but I thought it was worth it. I deducted one-point for the nuisance associated with having the disconnect/reconnect the water each night/morning but summer visitors shouldn't see this problem.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is a small mom-and-pop park located very near Interstate 90. It gets quite a bit of road noise but thankfully truck traffic dies down at night. My site appeared to have low water pressure but inspection of the water valve indicated that a screw needed tightening to get the valve to work properly. The owners are senior citizens who have their son do the maintenance duties. The bathroom is spotless but the showers lack individual benches in the dressing areas to set stuff on. The sites are relatively level but I noticed some rigs have some 4" blocks under their levelers. Good park for overnighters. Currently they have propane available on-site but the son does the filling.
rating [ 7/10 ]
A nice park with all of the amenities except a swimming pool. It's wide-open and the sites are easy to get to once you navigate the tight entrance turn. It was quite busy when we were there with Class A's, Class C's, fifth wheels, TTs and tents abounding. I choose a waterfront site, "an extra five dollars per night". While the park is clean and well maintained, I like a little more space between the sites with a bit of landscaping to help separate the sites. These sites are about 10' apart with only a picnic table and the utility hookups between them. It seemed to me that we were the only trailer in a line of behemoth class A rigs. The people in the unit next to ours would periodically run the generator on their unit thus filling the trailer with diesel fumes. I hinted to the owner of the RV that it didn't seem necessary to run the generator when you had shore power available but he didn't seem to get the message. Boy was I glad to see them leave. Next time I'll pick one of the "cheap seats" by the tree line with the other trailers. I liked sitting out by the river on the foggy mornings while enjoying my morning coffee. They also have evening campfires by the flagpole that were popular with a lot of the folks staying here. All in all, a pleasant place to stay (except for the closeness of the sites to each other). I'd probably come back but I'd stay away from the big rigs next time.
rating [ 9/10 ]
My wife and I just got back from a stay at this park. I'd like to echo the comments from the other reviewers regarding the care and pride the owners put into this place. I'd like to add that the landscaping is excellent with just enough shrubbery between the sites to give a feeling of privacy. Every day the owner is out there watering the flowers that make a stay there so pleasant. We were assigned site 3 which I believe to be one of the most desirable though since it's right up by the entrance, but you do get the headlights from the vehicles coming back from a full day of sightseeing. Be advised that right now their website link appears to be broken. Hopefully they'll get that fixed shortly. Also be aware that you should not slavishly follow your GPS navigation since it will tend to put you a quarter mile past the Flury Lane turn-off. We'd go back there in a New York Minute.
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