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rating [ 7/10 ]
The park is very nice. The only problem is the street over has a lot of unkept trailers, a horse, and some chickens. The entire staff was very friendly.
rating [ 9/10 ]
WOW, what a view!!!! Now we are BIG, 3 slide-outs, on a 40 ft. 5th. wheel, pulled by a BIG Volvo Truck. We had no problems either parking or enjoying our week there. The TV was a very slight hassle, but to be able to watch Fox news, it was well worth it. A definite go back to campground.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Very well kept State Park with very knowledgeable Rangers. Three different trails that were well kept. Our dog really loved to walk all the different trails. The bay is great with (I think) three boat launches. No complaints with this park.
rating [ 9/10 ]
It has BIG pull thru’s that are long enough for our 68’ with a 5' space between the 5th wheel and Firedog. Plenty of room for all of our equipment, including the 2 Motorcycles. Downside: Very few trees, no bath house, washer/dryer or pool. Upside: Big spaces all with 30/50 amp power. Very nice rubber coated table, 4 benches. All of the campers in this area are very nice. They pass daily to clean and empty sites animal puff can. Plenty of power & water pressure for any rig. All of this for only $10.00/day, plus every 3 days starting with day one, you each receive a $10.00 credit on your club card for gaming. So, yes this breaks down to $3.33/ day after you figure in the credit. Pets are more than welcome. When you call to make your reservation, 800-284-4386, they assign you your site number. After you pull-in, you can take your time hooking everything up, then call the parking shuttle, 800-284-4386, they come pick you up, take you to the casino to check in. The shuttle is always available to take you back or forth, even thou you are about a 5 min. stroll from the Casino.
rating [ 4/10 ]
When we talked on the phone, they made the place seem like a great RV Resort. Arriving on a Sunday, as per our reservation, the office was closed (2:30 PM) They had an emergency number listed, but it was answered by a fax machine. We picked out a site a proceeded to park & setup. When backing a water pipe, next to the road, was broken, but could not report it to the fax machine. Basically this a Trailer Park, with no amenities, that one would expect at an RV resort. I'm trying o be nice, but this place is a dump.
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