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rating [ 3/10 ]
It is like climbing a mountain to get to your site, and once there you discover that your camping neighbors are within a very few feet of your own site. Way too crowded overall and tons of kids, which poses a noise issue at night and if you decide to try and take an afternoon nap. On the plus side, the restrooms are decent and clean and overall the park is clean as well. A lot of seasonal trailers and 5th wheelers populate this campground with fewer than 40% available for short-term stays. Overall I think this place is over-priced, no cable TV despite the claims of full-service hookups.
rating [ 3/10 ]
WAY TOO crowded, sites are almost on top of each other. The seasonal campers grab the better spots leaving the transient visitors to take what is available, and thus often not ideal locations. The cleanliness is spotty and there are MANY kids driving golf carts often without proper supervision. The overall value is not great, the pool is not very clean and access to the pool is poor if you are stuck in a far-away site.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We discovered this campground in 2009 and have stayed here on four separate trips since then. The sites are very spacious, wooded and very clean. Security is great and the staff is friendly and helpful. The only minor complaint is the access to the pool, it requires a bit of walking uphill due to the fact that rows of campsites are on a steep hill. But despite that, we enjoy the quiet and peaceful atmosphere and I feel that this is about as good as private camping can get. Highly recommended for all types of RVs, and family friendly.
rating [ 6/10 ]
For a state owned and operated campground, the value and location are ideal. The sites are not the typical gravel but are all level and paved. The cleanliness of sites is superior to many privates. There is very convenient access to the bike path along the Cape Cod canal and a short walk to the beach. The campground is very popular and getting a spot during the summer months may be impossible. The only minor complaints; some sites have water hook-ups and electric far from the usual and thus require extra lengths of hose and electric cord. There is no cable so TV reception requires an antenna and the reception is tempermental at best. But if you are looking for an affordable and very clean campground with easy access to Cape Cod attractions, I highly recommend Scusset Beach campground. We plan to return, when availability gets better after the Labor Day holiday.
rating [ 3/10 ]
Decent sites, but very noisy due to the fact that a major highway runs parallel to the entire campground. The noise of tractor trailers, etc. can be very irritating especially during what should be quiet times at night. Also, there is a general lack of security, anyone can drive around the entire campground without being required to check at the registration office, which closes before 8pm. The price of firewood is too much, $7.00 for a small bundle. Many camp-sites have a strong odor of septic and there are about a dozen large holding tanks for septic waste but even with that we saw several areas where the ground was wet and very smelly, despite the fact it was hot and dry. I would recommend choosing a site far away from the highway although the noise will still be noticeable. The overall value for a campsite is average for the area but there are extra charges for amenities such as mini-golf, not recommended at all and for the water slide.
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