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rating [ 7/10 ]
Stayed here for a long weekend. There is a lot of site construction going on to make more sites. Playground equipment is old, needs updated. Staff very friendly. Let us change sites as they site we were assigned to all the trees were just cut down and had no shade. Didnt have anything going on for kids. The pool was nice and my kids caught many small fish in the fishing pond. Used the bath house once- was nice and clean. Would have gien a higher rating if there would have been somehting for the kids to do, and a better playground (something other than an old broken small plastic set).
rating [ 6/10 ]
Where to start? When we first booked, I was a little nervous because there have not been any recent reviews. Were my concerns warnted? Half and half. We had friendly service from the moment we booked till the time we left. We did arrive way before check in and we were not charged for that. There are 2 fishing ponds but not easily accessable. They are surrounded by seasonals, tall grass and a lot of bugs due to the stagnet water. There are also 2 pools, one has a 1ft. Kiddie pool which was nice. The hours to the pool were only from 11am - 7pm - didnt make sense since office was open till 10pm. There were no kid activities which we knew when booking. There were a lot of horse flies and the bugs were bad. We were not able to eat outside at all during the week. Like previous reviews, there are a lot of seasonals. We happened to be placed in between several of them. Many will walk right though your site (under your awning) as they feel a sence of ownership due to being a seasonal. We did not use the bathhouses but I did take a quick look inside. Looked clean and primative, nothing fancy. This campground is about 15mins. from the Wildwood beach. If we come to the area again, we will not stay here again unless we are on a very tight budget. They are cheaper than most campgrounds in the area and give the 7th night free. Our site flooded when we got a good rain. site was mostly sand with a little bit of gravel. Site was also well shadded. Just too many seasonals and not being able to use the fishing ponds and limited pool hours were not working for us.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Rate is Good Sam price. This is a wonderful park from the reservation process to the check out. The managers go above and beyond to make you feel welcome. We were there over their Trick or Treat weekend and we loved it. They had several planned activities for the kids. Our site was a large end site and we loved it. Ask for site A. It looked like many of the sites were very roomy as well. There seem to be a lot of seasonal but very friendly and very well maintained. This used to be the Locust campground and has recently changed ownership. You can tell the new owners are trying to make improvements. Playgrounds are for smaller kids but maybe this is one thing that the new owners will address. The views in this campground are amazing! Since we were there in the fall, the leaves were starting to turn and it was just beautiful. They also offer a free canal ride to campers staying in the campground. We didn't get a chance to go on it but it looked like it would be a great experience. Cant wait to go back next fall and see all the improvements!
rating [ 7/10 ]
This was our first time staying at a KOA. This campground was nice and clean. It seemed that the staff was always working to keep things clean and in order. There are a couple of things that I would have liked to see that I didn't, that's why the 7. Unlike that other review that stated they had kids activities, we stayed for 7 nights and they had no kids activities. The only thing for the kids to do was the pool, a very small playground, and a basketball net. The playground had one slide and a couple of swings. They did have a large size checkers game. We tried to play but kids kept running though the game and moving the pieces (not the campgrounds fault.) The pool was nice and clean and we were here about every day. The game room that they have consisted of a few board games, a computer and a TV. They have 4 washers and dryers for the entire campground, tried to use at night but was full so best time to do wash was in morning. Store is very small. Not much to offer. There is an RV store nearby which came in handy for us. One big positive for this campground was how quiet it was at night. We had a great site, some sites didn't look to good. Our space had a lot of room in between campers and it was pull through. It has a little bit of shade and our row is the only row that backed up to the woods, so it was nice not to have campers in front and back of you. I did not use the bathrooms but I did peek inside. It looked like they had 3 shower stalls and a few toilets and that is the only bathroom in the campground. Looked clean and they had a TV to listen to as you were getting a shower. A big plus for this campground is the staff. They were very friendly. This was not too far from the beach, had no problem finding a parking place at the beach through the week, but Saturday and Sunday were terrible. We drove the entire island and found no parking space so we did what seems to be popular here: you pull into a parking lot and wait until someone is walking to their car and follow them to get spot. Over all nice beach area and nice campground, if I lived closer would go back but 10 hours is too far to drive for what little the area/campground has to offer for kids. Wrightsville Beach is a more residential area, if you drive into Carolina Beach they have a VERY small boardwalk. Handful of shops, if you are used to boardwalks like what's in Ocean City Md, you will be disappointed. They may have them, but we did not see any mini golf or go-karts.
rating [ 8/10 ]
The park was a nice place for the kids. The water park worked out great as the ocean was too cold to get into, and the water park temperature was just right. We really loved the lazy river and the small water/splash pool. My older son loved the water slides. Thursday and Friday were not too busy this time of year, but on Saturday and Sunday it got very busy with all of the weekenders and the golf carts. We took our bikes and had no problem on Thursday and Friday, but on Saturday and Sunday I really had to watch my smaller children as the kids driving the golf carts were going extremely fast, and my 5 year old fell off his bike trying to get out of way. I would think this will only get worse as the summer season goes on, and it gets more crowded. Other than the golf carts and the flies ( they were really bad every morning - hard to eat breakfast- but in the evening much better). It's a great place for kids especially since the water park is included in the price. We stayed in CE33 and CE1; nice area, not not much noise at all. As we rode our bikes the tent sites along the road across from the store were very loud with teenagers and music. If you prefer to have a little piece and quiet then I would suggest staying towards the back of the park or in our section. CE1 was the bigger site of the two.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This was our first visit to this park and it was very nice. We were happy with our site as it has a wonderful view. The showers and bathrooms were always clean. This was our first time camping with out sewer hookup and it was an ok experience. Would have been much happier if it was full hookup. There is a small beach area for the kids wich was ok but we were out on the boat most of the time. If youdont like water activited then this is not the place for you. There is a water park but we didnt get to use it. I would have liked to see some public pools that were free to use and a kiddie pool. However, I think that all of that kind of stuff must be in the water park area. Overall it was a good experience, and we plan on going back again next year.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We actually lived at this campground for 8 weeks while our house was finished. We had a perfect site and the campground was very nice. The owner was often around and very friendly so was most of the staff. The pool was clean and nice. They had a lot of activites for the kids to do and seemed to really enjoy children. Really liked it and will plan on going back.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Loved it! What can I say. This was our first time staying here and we plan on going back next year! When we first came into the park we were in the grass/stone area. It had rained that night and it was a muddy mess. The next morning I went to the office and they were able to fit us into a supper site for the whole week! WOW! It was great, we wre close to the pool and the best part was no mud! There was a lot of stuff for the kids to see and do and the stores stayed open late for that late night ice cream trip. The beach wasnt that far away and they had free parking the camping customers. We loved it and will definitely go back again.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We have stayed at several campgrounds in the area and this one was ok. The site that we had was not real easy to get into but there were others that looked like it would have been much easier to use. The major thing that I would caution people about is the steep hill that you need to walk down and up to get to the pool, if you stay in the upper level. One thing that the entire family did notice was the smell of the pool. the pool water itself looked very clean but the nasty smell that it left on your clothes was horrible. The staff was very friendly , they were more than willing to go out of their way to help you. If your looking for someplace that is active durning the week, this is not the place. It was like a ghost town when Monday came around. Not that that was a bad thing, just if you wanted something from the store it always seemed to be closed durning the day. The campground it self was average but I gave it a higher ranking becauce the staff was so friendly!
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