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rating [ 5/10 ]
We stayed at AFC over Mother's Day weekend and were disappointed about a few things. Cons: -Store was not fully stocked. The worst thing was they had no ice, which we assumed we would be able to buy. They said it was because they are not usually this busy this early in the season, so I guess that's understandable, but if you are going to be open, things like ice should be available. -The water at my father in law's site was not turned on yet, so someone had to come out and turn it on. -My sister in law was supposed to stay in a cabin, but they got in late and by the time we found the cabin in the dark (no numbers posted to identify cabins)they found the electric was not turned on, so she and her kids slept in the motorhome with my in laws. When they complained to the man in the office the next morning, he refused to refund their money for the night. They never did stay in the cabin after that. -There were many seasonal trailers and motorhomes in very bad shape. That's a turn-off to me. -The pond and stream were in pretty bad shape. -The bathrooms near our site were not clean and full of spider webs and active bee hives. -They charge $5.00 per dog per night, so it ended up costing us $48.00 a night. Pros: -Our site was next to a grassy field, so the kids had plenty of room to play football and whiffle ball without bothering anyone. -The pool, which was not quite open yet,was heated and very warm. The man in the store changed his tune a bit and offered to let the kids swim even though the pool wasn't totally cleaned yet. -The store had plenty of firewood, thank goodness. We went through the bundle we brought from home, so we were happy to be able to have our campfire going. -The kids had fun catching (and releasing) frogs and tadpoles. -They are now offering free WiFi, which is great, but the signal was pretty low. They said they were having problems with it. But it worked well enough. Bottom line: I have been to many campgrounds before the official Memorial Day kick-off and they always have things in order when they open for business. I guess they count on their seasonals for income, so they don't worry so much about the weekend visitor at AFC. We might give it another try during the season, but the rates will be higher at that point, so I would expect the place to be in much better shape then. I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We stayed in the beachfront section of this campground. I think I would have preferred to be in the more woodsy sites since they weren't as packed together but the beachfront was a nice experience. It was pretty windy most of the time and I am assuming that's why there are no fire rings there. We didn't even bother putting our awning out. The beach was very nice and since it was before the summer season, dogs were permitted on the beach. My dogs loved this since they have never been near the ocean. It was so much fun watching them frolic on the sand and run from the waves. There were always people with dogs on the beach and I never saw any messes, so it looks like everyone picked up after their dogs. Getting back to the campground...it's very secure, with a manned gate. There are golf carts around but we never saw them to be a problem. The pool was open but not heated, so it was too cold to swim, but the Lazy River was fantastic! I spent quite a bit of time just lounging in the tube floating around and around. There were lifeguards helping people get on and off the tubes. There is also an indoor pool which was much warmer of course, but I prefer sitting in the sun by the outdoor pool. The arcade was popular with my son who racked up a lot of tickets and spent them on some odds and ends the day we left. Most of the roads were paved and level, which made bike riding a pleasure. The bathhouses are mostly all new and very clean and nice. There is a nice snack bar, and when my husband and I took the kids there, the woman running it was so nice and brought our food out to the table we were sitting at. I did use the laundry room as well, so I cam say it was large and all the machines were working. I don't remember how much the machines cost...somewhere around $1.50 per wash and 25 cents for 8 minutes in the dryer I believe. The store was nice and well stocked and the staff were very friendly. We enjoyed our stay at Myrtle Beach Travel Park.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We spent a long weekend at Eagles Peak recently, from a Friday to Monday. We didn't get in until after 9 pm Friday night because of traffic. We pulled up to the gate and we found a very efficient check-in method (since we had reservations). The man at the gate had all our paperwork (map, weekend schedule of activities and windshield tag) handy and we never had to get out of the RV. They had someone in a golf cart escort us to our site immediately. The site was in the woodsy section, which we wanted. But coming in in the dark was a challenge. The site assigned to us was a little odd shaped and we had trouble getting backed in where we could safely use our leveling jacks and/or put out our awning. The site dipped down in the back and our leveling jacks wanted to lift the coach off the ground.That definitely was not an option. My husband was so frustrated he called the office to ask if they had anything else available. They were completely booked, so moving was not an option. Finally, after my husband called them back and asked if we could stay in the parking lot until morning when we would be leaving, they sent someone up to help us. The manager and bent over backwards to make sure we got our motorhome in the site so we were comfortable with it. He not only lent us boards to put under our jacks, he was even out there helping place them under the wheels. He and another employee stayed until we were satisfied. The manager also came to our rescue the day we were leaving when our leveling jacks were low on fluid. He came over with a quart of fluid and helped my husband fill them up. Thanks! :) As for activities, there were things going on all weekend. There was bingo for the kids Saturday and another bingo game at night. My son played dodgeball and my daughter went to a teen dance in the lodge. The family pool was very nice (and heated, which is great!) They also have a seperate adult pool, which went unused when we were there. The family pool has a swim up snack bar which was not open when we were there. The playground is new and very nice. The game room has a pinball machine, other video games, 2 pool tables, a jukebox and some arcade games where you can win tickets and redeem them for candy at the store. The store is pretty well stocked, but a little more pricey than other campgrounds I have been to. They did deliver firewood to our site (we ordered more than the 2 bundles they require for delivery) and it was at our site before we got back. There is a snack bar in the store. You can eat outside the store on picnic tables. A local pizzeria, Justino's, delivers to the campground (you have to meet them at the office). They had decent pizza and very reasonable prices. My only recommendations for the campground would be to have on-site garbage pick-up (you have to bring it to the dumpsters behind the pool and it's very far if you are in the woods and don't have a car with you) and to have more bathhouse facilities in the wooded area of sites (there was only one bathhouse/laundry room for all the wooded sites, so it would be a long walk for anyone not right near them). We liked this campground, even though we had bad weather Sunday into Monday. We still enjoyed the place and felt we were treated very well.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We stay at the Newburgh KOA a couple of times a season, most recently in the beginning of July. Usually we are in the wooded sites which we like. This time we were in the gravel area near the store/office. It wasn't so bad, but less private. The staff was very friendly as they always are. We had no fire ring when we arrived, but one was brought to us promptly when we asked. There are usually some kind of activities going on there. There was a flea market going on that weekend on the premises, which was different. There also was a Native American demonstration with songs and storytelling, which was interesting. The daily firetruck rides seem very popular. One of my son's favorite things to do is follow the firetruck through the campground on his bike (a a lot of other kids do). The pools were clean and a nice temperature. The pond is always a highlight for my son who loves to search for frogs. The snack bar is right near the pool and they have all kinds of treats reasonably priced. The kids love the banana bike rentals. The arcade is kind of small and the machines are probably a bit outdated, but there is enough to do for a little while and I don't encourage the kid to spend too much time (or money!) in there. KOAs in general are very pet friendly and we find most people comply as far as picking up after their pets. The cable reception never seems to be great, but we don't go camping to watch tv, so that's the least of our worries. The store is well stocked with groceries, rv supplies, sundries, gifts and candy for the kids. We like this campground very much and always go back when we need a quick weekend getaway as it is only an hour from our home.
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