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rating [ 8/10 ]
This is a wonderful RV park, on a par with any, and certainly the top park in Borrego Springs area. I have stayed here before and find it to be a quiet relaxing place worth the price. This time I am here to write a story and my experience was not the best. Be aware that this is primarily a golf resort and the lawnmowers start at 5:30a everyday. My work kept me up late, so 5:30a came even earlier. Also if you need to communicate with the outside world via the internet, the Borrego Springs area has no 4G or LTE that I could find. At the park, cell service would fluctuate between 1RTTX and 3G with very low data rates. The WiFi at the park is fast when working. During my stay, it was down more then up. When I asked, the staff told me that it was a free privilege and they could not guarantee the service or speed. I was a bit put off by the comment. It would appear that they do not take the need for internet speed to be important. Also, it appears that their provider is throttling sites with video content, and on two occasions I received a message that YouTube.com was not authorized. Sometimes I was able to get into sites I need for my work as a writer, but these became very slow: suggesting throttling. I would love to say I will return because it is very nice, but probably will not until the internet is brought up to some standards. I will stay here for pleasure. The newly renovated RV park at the other end of town pales in comparison, but has really good stable internet.
rating [ 6/10 ]
The park has improved since last year. Contrary to reviews, the outdoors pool is not open and I was told that it will not this year. Last year I thought the Internet was bad. This year it is worse. I constantly had to log in because it dropped me like clockwork. Seems like they do not want rentals to use the WiFi. The park has spectacular views of the ocean and the lighthouse. Nice walking path to the beach and this year they have added steps and improved paths to the beach. I do wish they posted tide information because I got caught around a point of land. I really do not feel they are children friendly. The indoor pool is beautiful, but nothing else for play. We will return for the views and vistas and will hope for improvements.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This park is one of our top 5 in North America. Friendly, lots to do and breathtaking views everyday. This park is almost always sold out except they have recently added 53 new very modern sites. Saltwater pools, individual and group mineral spas, tennis, golf and many events/concerts that are free to RVers, will fill your days and evenings. This is a very high end park nestled in the Borrego Valley which is also known as the "Hidden Desert." High end but not snooty or restrictive. If your camper has wheels you are welcome. The people that run this resort are as real as you can get and think about everything to make your stay a good one. We travel full time for our business and this resorts gets five stars from us.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We travel to Santa Barbara for business a lot. We have stayed at Ocean Mesa for weeks at a time and I have felt that it is expensive. This trip was to relax and I discovered the full value of this place. It is not a place only to sleep. If that is what you plan to do that here, it will always be painfully expensive. Ocean Mesa is a place to park your RV while enjoying what they have and exploring El Capitan State Beach, El Capitan Canyon and the marvelous natural environment here. When you walk around with your eyes open and explore the area, you will enjoy the natural beauty of El Capitan State Beach. Just a short walk from Ocean mesa, the beach is marvelous and seemingly always quiet. Closer is El Capitan Canyon resort that has a wonderful appeal and a market restaurant that is very high quality. A morning walk into the canyon for coffee and a breakfast burrito is a great way to start your day. Ocean Mesa is one of the best appointed campgrounds we have stayed in. We are full time business campers and we have stayed in a lot of places. This is a top 10 for sure. The attention to detail is amazing. Between the beach, canyon and the mesa, we felt like we had been in a place designed by Disney Imagineers. This is more like a hotel stay without the funky rooms. You even pay your bill when you leave. Not an overnight place to park, but a destination for sure. Come to Ocean Mesa, spend the $80-$90 a night and make sure you experience all that they have to offer. It may not seem important, but even the maintenance people use brooms instead of a gas powered leaf blowers. :-) I know it is sort of a strange thing to notice, but we have been at ORA’s where the lawn mowers and leaf blowers are like a precision drill team designed to irritate at all cost.
rating [ 5/10 ]
We were in a 45 foot motorcoach and were lead to believe by the KOA website that there were "supersites" with 50 amps at this campground. We were shoe-horned into a 30 amp pull through site. We had to move to an axillary site for fear that we could not pull through another site to exit the campground and be stuck forever in Lynden Washington. We moved to a site up on the hill that was a back-in that assured us an exit and was in the range of site 51-53 that has a good satellite link and a straight through exit. Big Rigs Beware!! When you turn onto Line Road and into the park it is going to test your driving skills, including the one lane road to the office. Agree with everyone that it is a well-run park totally catering to travel trailers...not fifth wheels or RV's. We did find one 50 amp site that seems to be occupied by a permanent resident--so do not trust your KOA directory! For Big Rigs we're really not sure where to suggest where to go if you are trying to go into Canada for day trips and not drive your Big Rig. BTW, we did not find any big rig friendly sites between Lynden and Vancouver. They may exist but we could not find them. But please go to Canada because they are very friendly and nice people with lots to see and do in British Columbia.
rating [ 7/10 ]
I agree that this is the best in the area. I rate based on my experience in all campgrounds, so I rated this a 7 leaning toward a 6. Easy to get into and good wide sites. Even though I was about as far away from I-5 as you can get, it was still very noisy and I my coach is extra insulated. It was early spring and the campground was in good shape after a harder winter. There seems to be a mix of residents and travelers. Very opressed area because of Monaco Coach in bankrupcy and it seem to leak into the park when we were there.
rating [ 6/10 ]
This was an easy entry park not too far from I-5, but far enough to be very quiet. We have a very large rig, tall and poor turning radius, so there was really only one space for us. There are 45’+ rig sites that are pull-through, but the streets are very narrow and signs talk of fines if you run over the grass. Luckily we did not. Good price considering the proximity to Portland. This park is not dog-friendly. Signs say no dogs over 40 pounds and every square inch of the park has “No Dog” signs. Sort of a strange vibe as well. We were amused by all the hand written rules signs in the lobby/reception. We use a EVDO router for the internet and signal was good and fairly fast. If you are a big rig around 45’+, make sure you walk the entry to your site and exit plan. Deschutes Microbrewery in Portland made it all better. Great Stout on tap.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is an excellent park from every aspect. We have a very big rig and it was easy to navigate into and around the park. Even though it is close to I-5, it is quiet. The amenities are very comfortable and the park is very clean. We just came from a park south of Portland and needed an attorney because of all the rules and signs ;-) It was nice to arrive here and feel very comfortable. The hosts were gracious and helpful. Sitting by the open fire pit the first night was very relaxing and the town of Red Bluff, about a .75 mile walk was fun, quaint and friendly. We use our coach in our business and look for placed to hole up to get some R&R and veg-out. Durango is on our list when we are in northern cal for places to stay.
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