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rating [ 3/10 ]
Park is located next to a dairy farm. Bad smell from the cows when the wind is blowing the wrong way. This park is not really in the wilderness, nor are there any lakes. The Lakes are actually man made channels. Fishing is permitted for a price and they have a program that will pay you to throw back the fish, but there are catches. Numerous trees in the park. Many trees were removed due to disease. Two swimming pools. Propane is available. Wi-Fi is available at the clubhouse only. There is a general store that charges outrageous prices. Pool is closed in the winter. This is an older park. RV storage is available.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Very beautiful RV park, but quite expensive. Safe, secure, relatively remote location. Huge clubhouse. Huge pool. No Wi-Fi at RV sites, only at clubhouse. DSL and Cable is available. Most spaces have a great view of the golf course. Many lakes. Free golf for owners of sites. RV sites can be bought. A lot to like at this park and priced accordingly.
rating [ 2/10 ]
Very treacherous, dangerous, narrow and steep road up the mountain to this park. Not recommended in winter. There is a danger of snow at 4,000 feet. No AT&T cell phone service due to being in a valley with mountains all around. Wi-Fi service is $4.95 per day! An electrical breaker tripped on my RV while there, possible park electrical problem? Very good views from surrounding mountains if you don't mind hiking up. Very large park with numerous roomy drive through spaces. There is a separate adult clubhouse and a separate family clubhouse. Lots of grey squirrels, birds, and wildlife. Buy-in membership and transfer fees are high. Park has a restaurant and nightclub. Two swimming pools. Many amenities.
rating [ 1/10 ]
This park borders the I-10 freeway and as a result it is very noisy location. This is also a family park and there are many kids there. During the time that I was there, they were digging ditches to repair an electrical problem. At the same time they were putting a new roof on the clubhouse and the laundry room. They were also trimming trees and several RV's were damaged by the tree trimmers who were cutting limbs and letting them fall on RV's! They were also installing a new fence around the RV storage lot. A retarded boy, who lives in the park full time, dropped his pants in the pool area. This was reported to management. There is no Wi-Fi available except inside the clubhouse. The road leading into the park is one lane only for both directions of travel, making it risky if you meet another RV going in or out. A motocross race track has just been built nearby which causes even more noise. Overall, I did not have a good experience at this park and cannot recommend it at this time.
rating [ 1/10 ]
Warning! Danger! This park is reported to have old aluminum wiring in the ground which may result in serious electrical damage to RV's that are hooked up to park electricity. The neighboring coach in space number 73 had his built in surge protector completely burned out due to park electrical problems while I was there. This is a fire hazard and an electrical hazard that could seriously damage your RV! Others, including an employee, also reported electrical damage to their RV's from bad park electricity. Management of the park is aware of the problem, but gave no indication as to when this problem might be fixed, if ever. It is highly recommended that this park be avoided until this situation is corrected. Wi-Fi was only working sporadically during the entire week that I was there. The cable TV hookup was not working.
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