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rating [ 5/10 ]
We visited Frontier Town on the weekend after Labor Day, so we qualified for the "off season rate." I called ahead to make a reservation and the person I spoke to was polite, but VERY eager to get my credit card number, "for the deposit." OK, No problem. After giving the information, I was sternly advised that, "You will have to hang on while I run your credit card to make sure it's OK." (Again, no problem.) I was kept on hold for almost 20 minutes. When she came back, she sounded surprised when she said, "Well, that went through with no problem, we'll see you Friday." Friday afternoon, we pulled into the entrance of Frontier Town. There are three lanes entering the campground, one says Thru one says Express, and the other is unmarked. The entrance is guarded by an older gentleman dressed as a sheriff, and he takes his duties very seriously. I gave our name and said we had reservations. He checks his list. No reservation, he says. I ask him to check again. He calls the office. Again, he says we have no reservations. My husband says, very pleasantly, "So what now?" The sherrif says, "I guess you'll have to try another weekend!" Hold on Podners! Our credit card was charged, and a big deal was made of that. I make a request to go to the office to inquire. This is not well received by the sheriff. Finally, I manage to get permission to pull over to the side and get out of the vehicle to approach the office. Lo and behold, there is a line of about 20 people waiting to check in inside the office. I patiently wait my turn. There is our reservation! I am told we did not have an "express reservation," so we had to come inside to register, but how in the world were we supposed to know that? And if we had listened to the sheriff, we would have turned around and gone home, after there had been no problem with charging our credit card for a deposit. Do I smell a scam? The registration process is very thorough. One must provide first names of all campers, all vehicles tag numbers and be advised of a myriad of rules, such as the charges for a visitor to your site, before one is allowed to actually go to your site and begin camping. WHAT AN ORDEAL!!!! The campground itself is nicely situtated on Sinepuxent Bay, not the ocean. The boating facilities are very nice with a good boat ramp and nice slips available at $12.00 per day. FrontierTown has a lovely pavillion with a big screen TV where movies are shown on summer evenings. The pool seemed clean and was still in use at the time of our visit. Many people camped with pets (as do we) and every pet owner I saw was very responsible for cleaning up after and having the pet leashed. The restrooms were immaculate as were the showers. However, the showers are the push button variety that you cannot use unless you depress the button with your thumb. The water is pre mixed too, so if you want a HOT shower you are out of luck. Likewise a COLD shower. The pushbutton thing is a real drag, and as a result I don't think the showers see much use, hence their pristine condition. The campsites themselves afford NO privacy whatsoever and campers are slotted together like sardines in every area. An apparant effort has been made at this park to provide the the least amenities and maximize the profit. The water park is probably a nice benefit for families with children but I would not consider spending the $12.00 admission fee on it's own merits. The Wild West Town was closed for the season but looked to be a nice tourist attraction. In all, the rudeness of the staff, lack of privacy and the inadequacy of the showers left me feeling no desire to visit Frontier Town again.
rating [ 8/10 ]
I was a little worried about staying at this campground due to some of the reviews I read here...but now I can't figure out why! We pulled in the Wednesday before Memorial day weekend and stayed till Sunday. I requested a change of campsite since I had forgotten to request a cable ready site, and the switch was made when we registered, no problem. The staff was friendly and very helpful. We did arrive early, but they always had a staff member outside to lead newcomers to their campsite, and appeared to be eager and happy to be recieving guests. The cable had about 40 channels including local, so you could check weather and traffic. The sites are not the largest I have ever seen, but the campground is lovely, most sites are nicely shaded and there were charcoal grills on site. If a fire ring was requested it was promptly brought to your site. As the weekend went on, the place filled up, but there was always a fairly quiet and peaceful atmosphere. The restrooms were spotless. The store was small but well stocked with most of the basics, and well equipped with information on area attractions. Tickets for most attactions can be purchased at the store. We especially liked that "quiet time" was observed, after 10, everyone was very considerate and those early to bed folks could rest peacefully. We travel with two dogs and there was an endless variety of trails and ways to "go for a walk". Everyone cleaned up after their pets. The pool was very nice, and was clean. While I did not use the game room, when I peeked inside it did seem like a weak point, not too many games for the kids, if you have them. Overall, I would reccomend this campground to anyone staying in the Williamsburg area. We camped here for 4 days.
rating [ 4/10 ]
As an overnight only stop this campground is ok. The sites are large and pull through, and have adequate space to either side, though no privacy, as the trees are very small. The campground is surrounded by a chain link fence for security, which is nice, since when we visited, "South of the Border" was more like a ghost town for truckers. I do not believe that the advent of two adult entertainment lounges has improved the area. Restrooms appeared to be clean, and groceries are available just outtside the gates. The camping area was free of trash alothough the trash cans did not appear to be emptied daily. Restaurants are available just outside the gates also. There is a small pool, was not open at the time we were there. This area does not have much to offer except as an overnight stop while travelling down 95, I would not make a special trip for it. We had 40' motor homes on either side of us during our stay and no one appeared to have any difficulty.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We stayed at Beverly Beach Camptown as an overnight stop on the way to Fort Wilderness. We were just stopping overnight, spur of the moment, and they had an ocen front site available, so I decided to splurge. At 75.00 it was pricey! The restrooms were clean and the view from our site was second to none. We ate dinner at the little restaurant and found it excellent. The cable hookup did not have much to offer, and the pets allowed is very restrictive, pets cannot be walked in the campground, one must take them outside the campground fence and walk them along a small grassy strip betwwen the fence and a busy road. Very small park, quiet friendly atmosphere.
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