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rating [ 8/10 ]
This park is one of our 'favs'. Cabins are cute! Great kids place. Golf course needs some work but playable. Lots to do.
rating [ 5/10 ]
Since this resort went public, the quality of people here has DECLINED!! My kids got yelled at 3 different times for varies stupid reasons by the "snowbirds" who were at the park. One time for throwing dog poo in the wrong trash can (at least she cleaned up after our dog). Once for cutting through a campsite (the sites are large so I am sure they didn't inflect any damage to their site!!) And another time for parking their scooters in front of the store (and threatened with a $50 fine!!) Only one gentleman was nice to my kids and shared his fishing experience with them (he was reeling in the catfish!!) My little Chihuahua ran out of the RV by opening the screen door. A man yelled at me, called me a bit** then had the ranger come see me. My dog saw his dog and opened the screen! And the best part: his dog wasn't on a leash. I usually meet great people camping, but now that they have stopped being a membership camp, its a different crowd. Not that being a member makes you nice, but I have noticed a big difference. Store closes at 5pm: way too early. Cool thing was the RV show. They had about 10 RVs out for viewing. Some of these A classes are INCREDIBLE!!
rating [ 5/10 ]
WAAAAAY far from Yosemite. Also had a lot of bugs. Nice riverfront sites though (when the bugs aren't attacking you)
rating [ 9/10 ]
This was a nice place -- and just across the street is old town with a petting zoo. Campground is on a slope, but the sites sit on a concrete slab so they are level. Kids loved riding down the hill -- coming back up was a bit tougher. Great rec room for the kids!!! There is a bar/restaurant on site that is open to the public. Should have gone there on Sat night -- it looked happening! (We didn't hear any noise though). Nice people work there. I had an electrical issue with my coach, and a fellow camper was referred to me by the staff. He came over and helped me. Kids had fun on the golf course; pool was closed due to winter.
rating [ 8/10 ]
My kids love this campground (boy 8, girl 10). We have been lucky enough to camp along a long dirt rode that is perfect for them to play on, ride their bikes (adjacent to some horses as well). The pool is great, lots of activities for the kids, and they kept very busy. They had a lot of games, crafts, movie night, etc. We are going again this weekend which prompted me to write!! We have RPI so we pay only $10 a night. We were kind of bummed there were no fires allowed the first time we went (in May) but they were OK with it as long as we had it covered in the fall. Big fire hazard area so you have to protect our natural areas!
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