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rating [ 10/10 ]
Absolutely love this place. The golf cart parade every night is very entertaining. We had an Ocean front site & it was great. Nice store, nice beach, nice playground. I cant say enough good things about this place. There was an incident across from our site. Someone neglected to disclose to the reservation people they were bringing 2 very large rottweilers along, After they attacked a very small dog that was on a leash next door, it became very noticable to all that they were there. (Rules state large aggressive breeds are not allowed in this campground & it gives a list of breeds not allowed on your confirmation letter). I was very happy to see that they do enforce their rules & they gave the people the option to get rid of the dogs (take them elsewhere)or leave in the morning, they left. We cant wait to return to this campground. Next time I will spend extra for a golfcart to ride around in, in the evenings.
rating [ 5/10 ]
I rated it low but we liked this park a lot. Its gorgeous, quiet & has lots to do. It's actually very close to home so it makes a nice getaway, & I can still keep close to my business when I need to. I will camp here again. You can only have 1 vehicle at each site, & God forbid you touch a single blade of grass with a tire. Now most sites are very long but we have 40' of camper & a crew cab dually. We are long & wide. Blacktop space gets eaten up real quick. My only complaint about this place was the "Campground Host Parking Nazi" & the way handicap placards don't mean squat in this DCNR Government owned park. They do have Handicap sites, & handicap parking spaces at the bath houses but I was quite annoyed with the "Campground Host Nazi" in our area. We had a visit from my parents & their friends , all over 80 years old & in a handicap placarded vehicle. Two of them were disabled. They pulled up in front of our site & before they could step one foot out of the vehicle, the "Nazi" was running toward us telling them they had to move the vehicle, they couldn't park there. There were handicap spaces not 50 ft away at the bath houses, but he made them park all the way down around the corner & walk better than 1/2 mile back to the camper. Naturally being much younger & better able , we parked it for them, but I am appalled at the way our handicap seniors were treated in a DCNR park. the next time we went there they actually had a paper telling you how to properly park your vehicle as not to touch the grass,(which desperately need mowed both times we were there)
rating [ 8/10 ]
Had a very nice stay here. The only complaint we had was the Big Rig Pull through sites were way too close together, & were on such a grade that the front of the gooseneck was down so low our 3 year old couldn't walk under it. The back end was so high, you couldn't have gotten on the ladder if your life depended on it. I would definitely stay here again, but we found other sites our 40' fifth wheel would do nicely on.
rating [ 7/10 ]
This is a nice park. Our site # was in the 300's so we were in the back by the waterslide & pool & also by Route 15. Playground is all the way out at the entrance to the park, & we had a little one along, & it was quite a hike for her. It can also be a little noisy being right next to the highway. The back sites are a little better for noise than the old part of the campground which is very noisy (site 53). Had no problem getting all slides open & awning out. Campfire rings are stationary & you can't sit all the way around them. Don't get me wrong its a decent campground & it is clean & well kept, but I just got my new info for 2008 & sites are up to $60.00 per night May through Sept. This is absolutely ridiculous. There are other places to go camping in this area that are just as nice but not as expensive. Also there is a % you get charged on top of the site fee called a "pillow tax" because you are in "Gettysburg". We camp other places in the area for a whole weekend for just a little over $60.00. We probably won't stay here anymore since the rates have gotten so out of hand.
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