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rating [ 10/10 ]
My family and I love this campground and will definitely return again in the future. It is very family oriented, with lots of space for the kids to have wiffleball and baseball games, canoes and paddle boats to rent, a nice little "arcade", a pool table and ping pong table and regularly planned activities. The pool is great and very well maintained, as is the camp store. The owners, I think, live right outside the campground and are very friendly and accommodating. Lots of seasonal campers, which gives this campground a very "social scene" feel. Everyone seems to be respectful of the noise rules, and the night times here are very quiet. Most of the sites are wooded and fairly large and there are some great sites that line the small lake on the campground. There is a "rally field" as well as some open sites, but for the most part, you will feel that you are camping in the woods. A nice place to spend some quality family time.
rating [ 9/10 ]
When I was a young child, my family use to go to this campground and my memories of camping there with extended family are some of the best childhood memories that I have. My wife and I and some friends decided to try the campground out after many years. I was a bit reluctant, having placed this campground in such high esteem based on those great childhood memories, and not knowing the current condition of the park. I was not at all let down. It is a small park, only 56 sites, but the sites are large, very wooded and some are electric. The swimming area is created by damming the Whetstone Creek. It is a very quaint, very nice campground with some excellent hiking trails and an excellent fishing spot at the Reservoir just up the road. We will return so that our children have good memories of this campground too.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is a wonderful family campground. The owners live on-site and are very visible and helpful. The pool is extremely clean, probably the cleanest, best kept campground pool that we have experienced so far. The rest rooms and showers were maintained very well and, despite the amount of rain we encountered, never seemed to get dirty. This is a campground that we will return to.
rating [ 1/10 ]
My wife and I joined her mom and three other couples that we invited to camp along with us at Jellystone Campground at Crystal Lake in Garrattsville, NY over the week of the 4th of July holiday. We had camped there a couple of times over the past few years and really enjoyed the campgrounds. The kids loved it then and it was a no brainer to go back. Now I do not know if we will ever go back. It is under new management and not nearly as well run as in the past. Granted, there had been some severe rains and flooding in the week leading up to our trip, so I will not mention the logistical problems that that created, but we found it inexcusable that the bathrooms were filthy, out of toilet paper a number of times, and, in one really terrible example, both toilets in the men's room were plugged and about to overflow. We would notify the office when supplies were low, and in one laughable example, after telling them that both bathrooms were out of toilet paper, they sent a staff member with one roll. The place is seriously understaffed. I think that one girl was assigned to clean all of the bathrooms and shower buildings on the grounds the whole week. The activity staff didn't seem very friendly, actually ignoring me as I waved to a couple of them one morning. The snackbar and campstore/office closed early nearly every day that we were there, one time as early as 6:30pm. When the snackbar was open, it was out of paper products a couple of times. Tiles around the pool were cracked and falling off, leaving jagged edged pieces around the pool area and in the pool. The dumpsters at the park were full and overflowing by Sunday (our second day there) and did not get emptied until Thursday. Now, I understand that the holiday was Tuesday, but, come on, we made our reservations for the holiday week back in the fall and I am sure that most of the people there had reserved their site long ago. Management knew they were going to have a full campground, it was no surprise to anyone. Why not make special arrangements to ensure that dumpsters get emptied? We do not have need for the dumping station, but I heard from some campers that it was full and overflowing by Sunday also. I personally know of two campers who pulled out early, before the holiday, due to the conditions. Trailer Life gave this campground a very high rating last year, and I trust that rating. Hopefully they will look closely at it this year before rating it again.
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