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rating [ 1/10 ]
This campground needs a overhauling We camped here for a couple months. We were harassed by security every time we had guest over or over stupid stuff and they would harass our guest too! The manager is full of baloney, never keeps his word! My opinion,should be fired! He is a BS'er! We would loose water pressure every time we needed it, at least twice a day! Poor "cable TV" quality,which is satellite! Internet service was terrible and costly, way slow..When you can even get it and only one user! Campground has much potential,the price only includes cosmetics of the park and behind the scenes high school drama that we can do without on vacation! The campers are a great crowd and greatly to have met them.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Playground bored the kids. Weather was uncooperateive during our stay but they let us leave early with refund. Access to ORV trails but they hadn't been used in awhile and very narrow. Large sites, great view if it weren't for the fog. Lots of traffic --would have kept us up all night if we weren't already used to it. Construction did wake us up, however. An OK stay but better for those just passing through and need to be put up for a night. Clean, hot showers.
rating [ 5/10 ]
I give it a 5 because they let someone come in at 1:30am to set up right next to us! Also give it a 5 because Kalkaska doesn't like out-of-towners! People are rude here. There is NOTHING to do in Kalkaska, might as well camp in Traverse City. Move on. The campground was alright, had very tight spots for getting in and out, and was not even close to level sites. I had to call and complain about the noise level after 11:00: quiet time 10:30. Had fairly clean bathrooms, the owners where nice but not caring at all. You could tell they where faking their so-called great attitude: in the end they just don't care. Has very short showers (like 4 foot tall). I would not camp here again or recommend to any of our friends.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Only two more things they need here: a few trees and a beach on Muskegon river. This campground is VERY VERY clean, the grass cut, the managers are very nice. It's located on 12 miles of Muskegon river. Great boating fun, and fishing (recommend fishing in the early morning or weekdays.) Bring your 40 foot boat, its big enough. The campground is security locked: not just anyone can go where you camp (thats nice). WiFi could use some updating for sure! Other than that, was well worth the cost to stay here!
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