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rating [ 3/10 ]
There are very few choices for RV parks in the Round Top/Warranton area, so perhaps a "captive audience" is partly to blame for the management's attitude. We've stayed here twice, the first time in our Prevost, and we were treated just fine that time. This time, we came in our tiny 22' Class C, and from the moment we hit the door, we were treated with total disdain. We had pre reserved for 10 days, starting on a Thursday, and arriving the night before our reservations, pulled into a spot, and then checked in after the office opened in the morning. I explained to the office girl that I tried to reserve online the night before, for the extra night, but that the website indicated that they had no spots. . .but since their answering machine had said they did, we came on in hoping the machine was correct. She snapped back that they were INDEED FULL, and I said, "for last night?" and she responded, "No! for this weekend!" I just let it drop. . . I had very friendly tried to hint that perhaps they might have had more people come during the weeknight, if the internet would allow it, but clearly, she didn't care. We were forced to stand at the desk for an extended period of time while she then made a couple of calls (had to take incoming calls in the meantime so hung up and then redialed again each time), trying to reach Good Sam. Not only had she required me to go back to my RV to retrieve my card to prove I had membership, evidently she "misread" the expiration date on the card and was "calling to verify the expiration". Of course, the card was accurate, the expiration printed on the front, showing we've been members since 2002, as confirmed eventually by Good Sam. No apologies were offered for the long wait, just a grumbled "I guess I read the card wrong", but it was clear that the discount was only given begrudgingly. . . it was almost as if she was disappointed to find out that our card was indeed valid! The office woman was so unfriendly that my normally very easy going and forgiving husband even described her several times as that "crabby-a _ _ woman". When I handed her cash, she was visibly irritated that she'd have to make change, until she discovered that I had given her the correct amount. Then she was merely barely civil. Our spot was sloped both downhill in front, and no matter how carefully we positioned, one side or the other was also downhill, forcing us to use our intuition to decide how many waffle blocks under each tire to level both ways. The dump was at the very rear end of the site, which, since we had our brand new enclosed trailer, meant we couldn't dump. I noticed that they chose that site for us, knowing we had a trailer, and also noticed that this site was the very one with the dumps farthest to the rear. .. quite a few others would have been much more convenient. I also noticed that ours was the spot with the "moistest slopeness", but pretty much all but the pull throughs had some or a lot of slope. I don't think necessarily that someone did this deliberately, but it was a hugely different experience than the first time when we were allowed to have a pull-through. Having had an emergency come up, we were forced to leave on the following Wednesday, instead of that next Sunday, so we asked for at least a small amount of the four days prepayment back, which, as we expected, was refused. (since we had paid for 11 days, and were only staying seven, it's a shame they couldn't refund just a couple of days.) I suggested that perhaps if they rented our spot out, they might "refund" at least a portion of the money, and she replied they absolutely would not consider renting the spot out, (so we were basically out of luck. . .gee, what a big surprise!) What's the logic in that anyway. . . . she insisted they were "full", so why not let the next caller have our spot and maybe refund us 1/2 the money? Again, perhaps management changed in the year between our two stays, perhaps it was just co-incidence that when we were in our expensive fancy rig, we were treated better, but then again, why treat anybody like they should be glad you are "allowing" them to stay. We will spend many hours doing research hoping to find another place to stay when returning to the area in Spring, you can be sure of that!
rating [ 6/10 ]
What to say, what to say? Well, the price wasn't too bad compared to other parks on the east coast and the grass was mowed. That was evident from the thick scattering of large clippings we had to wade through, indicating that perhaps we came the one day of the month they mowed. The trick was deciding exactly where our site began and ended, and what orientation was actually intended, because yes, it was just one of those big grassy areas with an electric pole in one spot, and a curious looking hole in the ground (perhaps the water?), but neither of us was gutsy enough to reach down and grope around through the clippings and dirt to see what was even in there. As for leveling well, we just put up with slightly off-kilter as we were just on grass with no sub-base. It appears that there were many permanent occupants, but I'm not sure if that was their original intent, or if it was just as far as their quaint, well-used vintage rigs would take them. As for the items in the store well, the 3' cobwebs indicate to me that these are more just for "show" and not meant for purchase, so do so at your own risk. Again for the money, I can't complain too much, and the guy was friendly enough. It was acceptable for an overnight spot, so I gave a 6 because it was fairly inexpensive.
rating [ 4/10 ]
We did not realize that this was at the end of a road with quite a few campgrounds along it, nor that this "end of the road" was gravel for the last couple of miles, or we would have chosen differently. Basically, unless there's a whole another area for big rigs, I wouldn't take anything larger than the 22' Class C we were driving. We had hairpin turns that our large RV would have never made, and low hanging branches that scraped the top of this little one, and that was on the roads, not the site itself. The site was just a long strip of grass with electric poles popping up every two spots, and picnic tables to give you an idea of where to pull up and park. It was fairly level, which is good, since there is absolutely no way to level a rig on grass next to a river. Our riverfront lot was about 150'-200' through the trees to the river. The non-riverfront spot was directly behind us. Unless you were going to stay for a few days and set up firepit and tents down in the bottoms more, there is no reason to pay for the "closer" spot. Overall, I thought it was pricey for a grass spot and electric and water. Again, if you were going to stay a week or two and canoe down the river, you might think this was a great location. However, be aware that there are many, many campgrounds strung along Wally Rd and many of them might offer easier access and better facilities for the price.
rating [ 10/10 ]
I doubt you'll find any kinder RV hosts than at this campground! After a long, hard day of driving, we were pleasantly surprised to be treated so warmly and graciously. The office stayed open until we arrived, and welcomed us with open arms, making us feel so welcome it really made us feel good. They helped us into a spot that was so level, we didn't have to do a darn thing except park it and let it sit. The water, sewer and electric were conveniently placed and we were hooked up in just minutes. The spots are pretty much back-ins, although some would be pull-through if you were not towing. This is one of the cleanest, neatest, quietest, and prettiest parks we've seen in quite awhile. It is obvious that the owners take pride in what they've done. We did not take time to tour the park, nor fish in the lake, but the water appeared clear and overall, it was just a really attractive, peaceful place. It does mention in the brochure that it is an "Adult RV Resort" and also that RV's should be 10 years old or newer, but ours was 12 years old and they seemed very happy to have us.
rating [ 7/10 ]
This was a clean park with fairly level sites. They are all back-in sites in our area. The office people acted a little strange at first, as we did not reserve ahead of time, just showed up in the early evening, and I guess people don't usually do that. After some discussion, they told us to go find a spot and come back in the morning to register and pay. When we went to the office in the morning, again, there was some confusion followed by agreeing to register us and let us stay. They were very nice: it just seemed like we really threw a monkey-wrench into the system by not calling and pre-registering. Overall, we thought the park was clean and well maintained. It would have been nice if the poles had lights on them: my husband managed to tangle pretty good with one in the dark, necessitating him to pick himself up, off the ground and stumble to the coach for a little of my dabbing at his wounds. So if you venture out in the dark: don't forget those poles spaced here and there: they bite! I can't say much for noise or weekend activities of other campers, as we spent a few nights at a hotel in New York, leaving our coach sitting here. The only complaint, other than the price was on the higher end, was that the water was pretty fishy or sour smelling. New York City water is amazingly clean and tasty, so am thinking that this came right out of the Hudson?!? If you can avoid putting it into your fresh water tank, you might consider doing so. We saw several big rigs in the park.
rating [ 8/10 ]
I am giving this park an 8, because for our needs, it was just fine. We've staying in parks priced from $10 to $100 a night, from nowhere to the Florida Keys. Sure, if this were in any location away from this huge tourist destination where land is indeed at a premium, the price would be steep for what was provided: but this is by far the closest RV park to New York City and frankly, the only one we could find that was less than an hour's train ride away. We moved here from Croton-on-Hudson. (A very nice park, not a lot cheaper, but an hour train's ride from New York City. Croton is a very pretty area, but there are no large department stores within a fifteen to twenty minute drive, which can be inconvenient if you need to replenish, as we did). The spots here at Liberty Harbor, were fairly level; the office was polite and helpful when we had questions; but most importantly, you had several options to go almost anywhere in the NYC area inexpensively and quickly. We rode the light rail, the Path, and the ferry and each served it's purpose well. You literally could exit the park and get on the light rail, and then transfer to anywhere you needed to go, or you could walk a few blocks to the Path station, which took you straight into New York, or even get on the ferry right at the park, for a nice ride across the bay to New York. About the only thing we could complain about was the fact that getting to the park was a challenge for us: due to road construction and heavy enough traffic for someone who was not familiar with the area, causing a certain stress level we don't like to experience. We were here Monday through Wednesday evenings: missing the loud noise that is supposed to come from the bar nearby, so we can't comment on that. It was very quiet the nights we were here. We did spend 1/2 day in downtown Jersey City getting some really, really cheap deals on clothing and sundries for the motorhome. Also were able to pick up fresh veggies and fruit at the open market downtown. All in all, we wouldn't hesitate to come back and will likely book here in advance, the next time we plan on visiting New York. Although we stayed here in a Class C, we saw what had to be a 45' Prevost Bus parked here too.
rating [ 1/10 ]
If you can maneuver a roller coaster with your rig and don't mind sleeping in a vertical position, this is the campground for you! I'm not quite sure how they managed to snake electric through amongst all those trees, which could explain why our a/c fan sped up everytime the compressor shut off (low voltage???). I didn't see the crane, but there surely was one hidden somewhere for dragging RV's back out of the pond when they forgot to block their tires and set their emergency brake after weaving their way into their "spot", which surely must have served as a boat ramp at some time in it's past. Wait: then there would have been pavement instead of sandy tree roots. In our feeble attempts to (hahahaha), level our rig, we managed to bury our blocks so deep I almost didn't see one when it came time to pack them back up. We did manage to level it enough that we could see the very tip of the bubble sneak out past the black plastic end of the gauge. Thank goodness we parked with the foot end of the bed lower, so that we had no trouble sliding out of bed in the morning! We did both find ourselves corkscrewing down with every toss and turn, several times waking up and climbing back up to the headboard end of the bed, but we never actually did fall out. Leaving was quite easy, as all we had to do was release the emergency brake on the toad, put the motorhome in gear and drop the emergency brake on it, which gave us enough momentum to climb the hill back out of this poor excuse of a campground. Had we been in anything but a small class C, we would have cried before ever making it over the rollercoaster to the office! Our bus would never have even made the road, as it would have bottomed out on the first hump. Again, a good use for a crane. As for the many permanent inhabitants: we noticed they pretty much all were travel trailers and tents, lots and lots of tents, hammocks, etc. At least you could level a hammock here. As for the sewer hookup: well it was somewhat filled with sand, and it was obvious that we, like every other inhabitant of our spot in the past, had simply forgotten our 'sewage lift station' so that we could pump our tank uphill about 5' to hit the drain pipe. Water? Didn't even bother. Had there been any other place to camp around this location, we would have fled like a house afire. In fact, after we slid into our spot, we actually got online with our cellular air card and searched in vain for another campground within a two hour drive west, but to no avail. The only positive thing I can say about this campground is that the office was friendly, and the "live-ins" seemed to really be enjoying themselves and had really decorated up their trailers with decks and large, permanent substructures, giving them a level, comfortable view of the green murky pond below. If you are in a tent and don't mind sandy tree roots under your "bed", this probably would be loads of fun. It's just not, in any way, a place for motorhomes of any size!
rating [ 1/10 ]
Campground is closed, evidently to prior flooding. Website was up, but phone was disconnected and campground was closed. It must have happened in 11/2004 from what I could find out about news accounts. . .felt that they could have noted that on the website instead of letting it look like they were open and causing us to divert to them and then have to turn around and leave.
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