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rating [ 9/10 ]
This was our 2nd stay and this time I found the cable TV connection. It rain for the 3 days we were there and while we were dry the lower west end spaces were under water and one RV in that area was nearly flooded out. We saw the owner wade through thigh deep water to get to his rig. Three hours after the rain stopped the flooded sites were clear. I would stay here again but only if a slight rain was expected. I would not drive our truck through the flooded road on the west side of the park and since that was the only way back to the site we had it would have kept us out of our 5th wheel.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Stayed over night prior to putting the RV in storage at the same location for $85 per month; cheaper than pulling the RV up from Phoenix once. The review section indicated they had cable TV but when I hooked up I could not find any cable connection. Did not use any of the amenities so I can't comment on those. The folks were very friendly, and they were open until 10 PM local time and had late arrival process if you were coming in later than that.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Stayed a week while exploring southern Arizona. As others indicated the train noise and freeway noise could be heard but was not too bad. Everyone was friendly and there was a lot of turn over daily. When taking the east bound exit off Interstate 10, the under pass is only 14 feet 5 inches and our radio antenna hit the bottom of the bridge since it was 14 feet 8 inches. It was bent back with no damage but taller RV's could have a problem.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This was the first park we ever stayed in, the break-in run for our new fifth wheel. Made arraignments to arrive late and setup at 10:20 PM was easy. Site was fairly level, used one layer of Lynx levelers. Many extended stay visitors and every one was nice. The bathrooms were pristine and the showers had individual changing areas. The small store had RV supplies, souvenirs, and drinks. When we left I stopped at the entrance for 2 minutes and had 4 people tell me my antenna was still up. I would not hesitate to camp here again.
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