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rating [ 4/10 ]
This might be an option for a short stay when everything else is full, but not the best environment. The management is trying real hard, inherited a lot of permanents that really run the park down. They still run it like a mobile home park, and seems to attract a very negative clientele. Doesn't help that it is right next to a bar, and many of the residents take full advantage of that. Office hours are unusual, and make it inconvenient.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Nice park, one of the cleanest in Portland. Most of staff is very nice, however the managers leave a little to be desired. Very strict rules, which is good, but are enforced with an iron fist, and not equally enforced. Overall we enjoyed our stay, but stay out of the manager's way.
rating [ 1/10 ]
Not sure what the last reviewer was on, but we certainly didn't find that experience here! Park staff outside of the manager is AWFUL, rude, grumpy and outright mean. The park is held together with bubble gum and bailing wire; the electrical goes out every night because there is too much load on a poorly designed 50 amp conversion. Sites are super tight, and most are unlevel. Any complaints to the maintenance staff are met with no concern. Many times garbage cans are left overflowing with garbage blowing all around. Pool is disgusting, green and foamy; I wouldn't get in it. The "old" bathhouse is barely standing and just gross. Yeah, nice new bathhouse/laundry room, has cockroaches already, and no place to sit or hang clothes when you're done! It will be trash in a year or so, too. As far as I can see the only reason to stay here is being close to the north side of Dallas-Ft Worth.
rating [ 10/10 ]
I have stayed here several times. It is an "urban" campground, and not a place one goes for nature, but a clean, safe, and friendly place for visitors of Saint Louis. Excellent Location, available public transportation, and super friendly staff. Very clean pool, and small store also. The park itself is mostly blacktop with some minor grass patches at the corners. It is an older park, and with real estate limited, the spaces are tight, but the staff does escort you to your site. Location at one time wasn't the best part of town, but the area has been on a tremendous upswing with the new vitality of the downtown development. Walking distance to most downtown things, or bus stops right out the gate. The Staff will call you a cab if you wish also. Security is fairly tight with a fence surrounding the property, and work-campers monitoring the ground constantly. There is a police station across the street and fire station a few blocks down, so this area gets it's share of City Noise. Overall the perfect spot to take in all the hidden adventures in STL! Easy Access and Clean Safe Parking.
rating [ 6/10 ]
This was an "Okay" park. They have a number of permanent residents, but was fairly well kept. Could be cleaner, but certainly not as clean as some. Not a lot of room in park, but livable. Staff was friendly, but forgetful. They did have a long list of "Rules" which seemed to be enforced at will, and only onto those that didn't frequent the park. We would go back if we did not have other options.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Very clean park. It is a combination of 3 parks that once were an Encore, an old KOA, and a Sunburst park. Sun bought and merged the three together, along with adding many upgrades. Three Pools, a spa, 3 laundry facilities, good Wi-Fi, this park has anything you would want, and a close drive to Tampa. Facilities are immaculate, and manager and staff are awesome! Will stay here again!
rating [ 1/10 ]
This is the "closest" park to Busch Gardens. It is on Nebraska Ave, hence the name. Stayed here for one month. Campground is mostly permanent residents, living in barely mobile units. The hosts were extremely rude on the few times I had to deal with them. The Manager is only there a few times a week, and albeit a nice guy had no intentions of improvements. The park is actually behind the "old" entrance and set off Bougainvillea Ave. The "cool" old part is listed as for sale. The neighborhood this park is in is NOT good. We were afraid to walk around even in the daytime. There is no enforcement of a speed limit in the park, and the perms think they run the place. overall this is the last place in Tampa I would ever stay again.
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