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rating [ 7/10 ]
We really enjoyed camping at this campground. It had nice wide fully paved spaces. Most were pretty level. Lots of green grass and trees. We were in spots B181 and B182. The view was GORGEOUS! And there was a fire pit and picnic tables between the two sites. Not every site had a picnic table or fire pit. Neither one of our sites had a picnic table. Also, if you are in the pull throughs starting with 182 - hope you don't need to go anywhere. The road begins at site 182 and there is no way to get through if someone is camped in 182. You will have to go the wrong way down the road to get to your site. You can bring your own fire pit or you can use one of the shared fire pits. We did not use the pool (although we did see people go to it almost all day) and I did not use the bathrooms so I cannot comment on those. If you have kids, the playground isn't all that. It's basically a metal slide and a bunch of swings. The one BIG downside to this campground is the skunks. And because of the skunks I will not go back. We saw at least two roaming around. And one night, one of the skunks was in our campsite looking for food and dumped the trash can over. I'm really not looking to be sprayed. Except for the skunk issue we LOVED this campground. If they were to fix that problem, I would go back.
rating [ 4/10 ]
We camped at San Mateo campground, the campground about 1.5 miles from the beach. This campground would not be my ultimate favorite to go to. There really isn't much to do. The Beach is far away (and if you take the trail be prepared for TWO big hills). There is no playground. I mean you can hang at camp but the sites aren't all that big either and I know it's summer but all the sites were really brown, as in dirt. And lots of it. We had water and electric hook-ups which were nice. But with CA raising its prices on camping, this campground will now be $60 a night for the partial hook-ups. Definitely not worth it in my opinion.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This was one of the best campgrounds we have stayed at. It did not feel like we were in the city but rather a country setting. Lots of grass and, lots of trees. The sites are very spacious and not right on top of one another. Plus, it's not like most campgrounds nowadays that are basically a parking lot. The sites are gravel or dirt and fairly level. We would definitely stay here again. You are right next to the freeway and you do hear the freeway but it's not worse than camping by the beach and having the train go by. It's basically just background noise.
rating [ 6/10 ]
We stayed at Bolsa Chica State Beach in Site #17 (beach front). Our friends were in #16 directly across from us. The sites are basically camping in a parking lot. There is no mistaking that. Not only that, but you are on top of your neighbor. The sites are wide enough to accommodate slides on both sides and still be able to pull our your awning, but you must be all the way towards the line on the drivers side. Let's just say you will get cozy with your neighbors. A couple things to note about camping here. 1.) The campground is IN the State Beach area. What this means is you are entering and exiting with all other people using the beach for the day. 2.) There is ONE entrance into and out of Bolsa Chica State Beach. 3.) That entrance is only open between 6 am and 9 pm. This entrance also closes when the beach reaches maximum capacity for parking during the day. The Saturday we were here it closed at 1pm. Therefore, if you are going in and out of the beach with a vehicle, you must talk to the camphost and get the alternate "authorized vehicle" access code for the gate off of Warner. 4.) You are close to PCH. It did not bother us at all. It's no worse than hearing the trains if you go farther south to Carlsbad or San Elijo. I actually would prefer PCH noise to train horns! 5.) You can bring your own fire pit. There are only about 10 fire pits on the beach in front of the campground and they are not reserved for campground use only. Anyone can come and claim stake to them. It's easier just to have your own fire pit at your campsite. 6.) If you do not have a beach front site, you will either need to walk to the end of the campground or towards the middle for access to the beach or walk through someone's campsite. The camphosts were very friendly and approachable. They definitely took their jobs seriously. I've never had camphosts riding their bikes and stopping to talk to people every day throughout the entire weekend. This is a great campground because of it's proximity being so close to everything, but with only one entrance in and out that can close when the beach is full, can be a pain! We will only camp here again if we decide at the last minute to go and there is spot available.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We stayed at San Elijo State Beach for Memorial weekend. We LOVE this campground. It's big enough that there are plenty of sites to choose from but small enough that you can enjoy a leisurely walk around the park. The south side of the park is level with the beach while the north side is on a cliff (although not as bad as Carlsbad State Beach). The campground does offer full hookup sites and although they state maximum length is 24', we've seen many RVs parked in these spots that were 30' and longer. Good clean campground with a nice beach at your fingertips.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We decided to change our vacation plans and go camping in San Diego. Trying to find a campground with less than a week notice (actually more like months) is hard to do. We searched online and found All Seasons. We liked their website and that it said rustic so we decided to try them out. When I called I informed her we had a 33' motorhome and would also need space for our Dodge Ram pickup we would be pulling. No problem. Um, well. The first spot we got (in their 50 amp section) was narrow. We couldn't even open our two slides (one on each side) and parking our vehicle in front of the campsite was going to be tight. Considering we have three small children there would be no space for them to play. So we asked what else they had available. In the end, we ended up on their "hill". The site was twice as wide and twice as deep and was exactly what we were looking for. Unfortunately, most of these sites are for their long term residents (which they have A LOT of). But lucky for us, someone had left that day. They do have a pool which was beautiful and clean and hardly anyone in it. Even though they have a lot of long term residents, they don't utilize the facilities a whole lot. They are located on a lake that you can fish at (we did not try - it is a catch and release lake). They also have a "playground" for the kids. The playground is basically one of those wooden play structures you buy at Costco or something. It entertained my 2 1/2 year old just fine. Overall, it was a really nice campsite but if you are over 30' and have slides, I would be cautious as to where they put you. Some of the sites along the lake would be fine and the ones on the hill would work too but I would just double check with them (and triple check too because we were told they had gotten a 40' motorhome in the first spot we were in and I have no idea how unless they just parked it there and never opened up the slides or "lived" in it.
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