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rating [ 7/10 ]
Stayed out there in the desert for one night. Wind never stopped or slowed down. Normal for Deming. Good overnight stay and dark. Passport.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This new campground at the Indigo Sky Casino (Old Border town Casino). This new CG and Casino is on US 60 at Hwy. 43 just inside Missouri. It is all new, the sites are huge and level. Free laundry room. Security rides through often but they are really not needed in this safe area. Very convenient to get to the CG and great facilities. We will stay here again as we cross the USA.
rating [ 4/10 ]
Camped here with a Good Sam Club. The pool was so cloudy and dirty that you could not see your feet. The pool test employee did not check the water on Saturday morning. The pool was full of unsuspecting people who thought the water was safe. In mid afternoon a person did test the water: the pH was way high and all other readings were out of tolerance. The pool technician did nothing to correct the pool water: said that chemicals would be added in the evening after the pool was closed. Not safe.
rating [ 1/10 ]
Two motor homes pulled in and attendant assigned a "pull-thru" on the top of a 25 degree hill. Motorhomes don't climb in 4 wheel drive. Reassigned second back in site. 30 amp power was actually 109 volts with 16 amps. Surge protector did its job and protected the rig. Next site was back in with 111 volts and 12 amps. We demanded a refund of the security deposit and site charge, after much screaming we got our refund, without owner/managers assistance, and left the park. This place should be rated -10 on all scales. Do not go to this park.
rating [ 5/10 ]
Went to New Jersey and needed a cg to stay in while visiting family. The Turkey Swamp county park was a real challenge for us to get in there. A pre-arrival call to the cg office revealed that there would be no problems for us to fit our 35" motorhome into anyone of their sites. Upon arrival, and after checking in, we were directed to area "B" which was their best pull thru section. The roads to get to the office, Section "B", and the assigned site were very close with very low overhead branches. It appears that the county just went through with a bulldozer and dropped just enough trees to make the road. I had to stop, reverse and then go forward several times to maneuver around a tree-lined bend in the road. Nice place but very low overhead and tight roads. Be skeptical if your rig is longer than 35' and taller than 12'. We came out with several scratches from branches on the sides and top of the rig.
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