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rating [ 1/10 ]
My experience at this campground was poor. We found this campground on the web and thought ,"this is it". The place we were looking for, pools, and the playground looked good. So we scheduled three visits with one being for a week. Huge mistake ! The first time we went we were stuck into a very small site, though the campground did not look "at capacity", they told me there was no place else for us, so we set up. We found out after we set up that the pools were closed for service for the whole weekend. They failed to mention that when we made our reservations three days earlier, but we made the best of it. While we were there we toured the other sites we had reserved for the year, all were small (as most sites seemed to be) and the one we had for a week was ridiculously small for our trailer. I got the owner, so I was told, and asked to be relocated for that week because the site was too small for my trailer. His response was, "it will fit". I talked him into actually leaving the office and going to the site, and when we got there he repeated "it will fit, you'll just have to park your truck sideways or somewhere else". I went on further to explain that when I pull the awning down on my trailer the fire pit will be under it ! His reply was "leave it up, or we can move the ring to behind the trailer", which was even a smaller area. After realizing he was unreasonable and didn't care, I told him I need to cancel that site to which he quickly replied "there's a charge for that". The weekend was just shot after that, we pulled out early the next day, canceled all other reservations, and will never return. The facilities may be nice, but they couldn't care less about the non-seasonal campers. There's too many comparable places to go without having to deal with the unprofessional. I guess this explains the mixed reviews. If you don't have any problems you'll be ok, and might like the place, but if you have one issue you'll be referred to Cold Springs rule #1, "deal with it, or leave". Campers beware, rudest, most uncaring people we have ever encountered.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Great place! Beautiful lake. Nice sites/Cabins. Staff is friendly/accommodating. Some sites are close together, but the terrain makes you feel further apart than you are. We are regular patrons, and highly recommend.
rating [ 2/10 ]
I agree, and second all the previous reviewers, except the person who thinks these bad reviews are from former campers who don't want to play by the rules, or were troublemakers. My review, again, smoke and more smoke. The seasonals I ran into were disorderly drunks that seemed "above the law" of the campground. We were witness to the fast drunken golf cart driving, and had the unpleasantness to be four sites away from a seasonal who had an all night loud party with what seems like all the rest of the seasonals. We even had some drunk get sick in front of our site about 1:30 AM, and his drunk wife/partner trying to get him home. We went once, and will never return. Not For Children. Campers Beware.
rating [ 7/10 ]
A Good Clean facility, great friendly staff, well organized and easy to get to. Not sure what previous reviewers are talking about. All the staff we encountered were fun and happy accommodating people. The not-quite-so-good: The sites are too crammed in there for our liking. The site we had was 6 feet from the next trailer, (with awning down), and we were snugged up tight on the other side of the site. The whole row was like that, so we looked at (and smelled) the septic hook up from the trailer in the next site all weekend, (8 feet from our picnic table) as did the people behind us had the same view of ours. It was kind of like camping at the drive-in. As usual, when we go to a new campground, we walk around and mark the "desirable" sites on the map for the next visit. Very nice campground, but we didn't find too many sites we would call "secluded", but there are some nice ones. Another draw back is the lake, it is quite the walk, depending on where your site is, across a busy road, not fun with young ones. You can drive, but then you get the car wet and sandy on the way back . The Not so good, I was kind of set back by, their "no Motorcycle policy". I don't have, or ever had a motorcycle, but I found this policy to be grossly and unjustly prejudiced. Their justification is "because of the amount of children in the campground, no motorcycles are allowed" ??? I don't get that. Motorcycles are recognized by the government as "road worthy", the speed limit is the speed limit, and in my opinion, a 3 foot wide motorcycle with no blind spots has a much better chance of seeing and avoiding a child running in the road than a 6 foot wide Car, or Truck pulling a trailer. I personally, (God forbid), would rather see a child hit by a 1000 pound motorcycle than a 5000 pound car/truck (my truck weighs 7,800 lbs.). If I was a biker, I would be highly insulted. So to sum it up, again, nice people, clean facility, I would highly recommend this place, if you don't go camping on your motorcycle, and all your looking for is a clean place with a pool to bring your trailer or tent, (perhaps on "Race week") .But if you want a true camping experience, listen to music or talk at a normal volume after 10pm, without constantly telling your kids/dog to "keep it down", because the couple 20' away are trying to get some rest, you may want to go there first and pick your site, or go somewhere else. All just my opinion, camping is what you make it. I would not go back, but only because we prefer bigger more secluded sites. Not because of the staff or facilities.
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