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rating [ 2/10 ]
We camped here in a 38' fiver over the 4th weekend. We had marginal 30 amps and water, no sewer. First nite, someone needed our fire ring more than we did. The management seemed nice to start, but was very confrontational when my search for the dumpster was thwarted. Map does not show which road to take to get there. Once arriving at the proper road to access the ONE dumpster with a long weekend's trash, the road is gated off. Had to walk 50ft or so with all the stuff. Once there, no recycle containers. Road to dump station is also chained across entry and exit. Previous comments about massive/frequent speed bumps confirmed. Bottom line, this is a seasonal dominated campground. Only a few transient sites, most of which are "on the hill". Breeze off the lake pushes the gnats to guess where? There may be other nice campgrounds in the area, but if this is the only one with openings 1) I can see why, and 2) we'll stay home.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We stayed here for 5 nights. This campground has been purchased by Adventure Bound Camping Resort. This place is more rustic than the main site which is about a mile away. This review is addressed to Horton's only. Had a great time, mostly well treed sites & grass. Our rig is 60 ft, and there is plenty of room to maneuver & hook up. The Cape has a bus service that goes right past the entrances of both sites every 30 mins in season, and $2 per ride. The campground provides tokens at 50% off that price, a great deal. Wi-fi was not available at Horton's yet. Very friendly staff; lots of room for pets; garbage picked up daily at the site. Hard to believe the almost complete absence of flies, etc. Only downside in our opinion, the roads were rutted and potholed so badly the 5 MPH posted limit was not needed. Bobcat sitting on premises, unused, made this avoidable. In all fairness, the new owners are trying to bring this campground up to par, I'm sure it will improve with time given the condition of the main part.
rating [ 1/10 ]
Read & heed the reviews! We went anyway because it was the only place central for a family gathering-BIG mistake. This park is ABYSMAL. Let me be more specific-if I had to pick a place in that area again, I'd boon dock at the county landfill first. I do have to say the staff was kind & very friendly.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We camped here over the July 4th weekend. Nice shady sites, very clean grounds. Quiet hours and check in/out times were a big plus. We have been here before, but on the treeless sites up near the playground. Enjoyed every minute, family-owned and run. Hersheys ice cream in the park, no travel! We look forward to our next visit!
rating [ 7/10 ]
Great value in this area. Staff is friendly & helpful,and park seems clean & neat. We enjoyed our stay, and certainly will return. However, if you have a big rig (mine is 60' long overall), you should walk to the site first. Only a few are easily accessible due to trees at corners and tight roadways. We got in, but it was a tight fit. With other rigs near, we might not have gotten out without some leaving. There is plenty of big rig parking in field, but no sewer & only 30 amp.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We spent a nice weekend here, with pets. (Note only about half of park is pets-allowed.) Sites were very clean and neat. Most had LOTS of room, w/fire ring/barbeque. One loop is waterview, but some sites there were very difficult to level a big unit. The hosts and staff were very friendly. The only downside- the electric (30amp) was not up to par. We use 30 amp in many parks, and know to "cycle" big draw items. We've never had the problems with breakers tripping like we did here.
rating [ 5/10 ]
A nice quiet place, with only water hookups. Be aware, this park has banned ALL generator useage in 2010: no not ANY. We love the place, but will not go back because of this restriction. Two hours a day would be fine with us, just enough to cook.
rating [ 4/10 ]
Nice park, but the bugs were unbelieveable. Many of the sites were obviously not laid out by anyone who ever was in an RV, the water/electric/sewer were in opposite ends of the site. They are fixing them as they can. We were here for a wine festival on the premises, and enjoyed our stay, but were indoors. We'd go back, but choose your site carefully.
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