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rating [ 3/10 ]
Too noisy & crowded in the tenting area, security did not enforce the quiet time & loud music was playing until 1:00 a.m. There was only one dirty shower in the tenting area & only 2 dirty bathroom stalls for women in the tenting area. The bathroom by the office was better, but still not clean.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Ratings 1-10 (for each facet of this park) with ten being the best. Campsites are close together, but it didn't really seem to matter. Sites are well manicured and very clean as well as very level. Fire rings were up off of the ground, not my favorite style, but not awful. There are two separate tenting areas, both on level ground. Wi-Fi and cable TV are also available at the campsites. Sites are pull through and have full hookups. Rating is an 8.5 only because of close proximity to other sites. Pool and Hot Tub were also probably one of the nicest we have seen in a campground. The pool is indoor, but has ceiling panels that slide back in nice weather. The hot tub is a stone like structure in the pool room. I think that this may have been the nicest hot tub I have been in. Rates a 10. Bath and Shower House was probably right up there with one of the nicest and cleanest we have seen. Each person has their own bathroom/shower room. The walls go from floor to ceiling, so you would think that you have complete privacy. So, why oh why, did they put frosted glass on the doors so that you can see the person in the bathroom/shower? This causes me to give it an 8. Game/Exercise Room: We didn't play any of the arcade games, but we did try out the unusual style treadmills. Rates a 9. Snack Bar: We only had the ice cream, with that in mind, my rating is a 10. Staff/Office: Very friendly with a small store in the office with some of the camping necessities that one might forget or run out of, coffee there for a donation. Rates a 10. Grounds were very well kept, roads were in excellent shape, had horses/donkeys in a field next to campground, very picturesque. There is a church that meets on the campground property. There is also an indoor dog wash. Rates a 10. Pavilions: there are two with nice picnic tables and sides down on the one since the weather was still cool. Rates a 10. Play ground/outdoor recreation: Nice playground with basketball court. Would like to see a few more campground type outdoor recreation like mini golf or tennis or bocce court so it Rates a 9. Cabins: there are two small cabins with a bedroom, mini kitchen and loft. No water in cabins, so would need to use shower houses. There is also an Inn with bedrooms/bathrooms and another large cabin/duplex being built that will have all bedrooms/bathrooms as well. Area activities: You are in the heart of Amish Country, lots to see and do if you enjoy this. We also ate at two area restaurants, the Amish Door in Wilmot and the Mountain Top restaurant right across from the campground. Both were excellent. While the weather was not ideal, we still were able to have nice weather mornings to go hiking in the area. We went to the Dundee Falls on Saturday morning and the Wilderness Center on Sunday morning. Both are nice places to hike. Twice we drove into the Amish communities and both times it started raining when we got there. We were able to dodge the raindrops enough to see part of the Auction in Mt. Hope, and walk through some of the shops in Berlin. Rates a 10.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Beautiful Park, spacious sites, well paved roads, great place to camp in the autumn.
rating [ 5/10 ]
The fireworks are their best feature and why we come here on the Independence Day Weekend. This park is crowded and noisy. We reserved 4 nights there this year. We tried to cancel the 4th night reservation a week before and were told that we had to commit to a 3-night minimum on the Holiday weekend. We were told that the 3-nights didn't start until Friday, so we had to keep the 4 nights. When we got there, we saw that our 4th night was marked "available" even though we had paid for it. This didn't sit well as we were told that we had to pay for the 4th night, but they were going to collect double on it.
rating [ 10/10 ]
One of the nicest places that we stay. It has become our Labor Day Weekend favorite. The sites are spacious and well kept up.
rating [ 2/10 ]
While this park has a lot of amenities, it was by far the worst night sleep we ever had in a campground, it was very noisy, a lot of parties, underage drinking going all night long. We had to go get security twice during the night at 2:00 a.m. and again at 3:00 a.m. due to rowdiness at the next campsite. The last time that we went for security, we had to walk all the way to the front of the campground before we found them having their own party up there. We were told that the management would take care of us in the morning, we took that to mean a refund. When we reported this to management the next morning, we were told that we could have left and went to a hotel if we wanted a good nights sleep. We would not recommend this campground to anyone who wants to be treated with respect and get any rest while trying to sleep in a tent.
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