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rating [ 9/10 ]
It is always a nice campground to stay at for a long weekend. We camp here, every year, in the double sites. The get tight, but everyone that stays in this section "gets it" and have been very respectful of their neighbors (so far). The bad part about the campground is that they took away the slab wood that they had piled up. We were able to cut our own firewood for a few bucks an armload. The story goes that the "locals" would pull in and cut it for them selves, and haul truckloads out of the park. A couple of jerks ruin it for everyone. The rangers have fun programs for the young kids to participate in where they can become a junior ranger. It makes a good break for parents in the middle of the day. The grounds are perfect shape. Information on the grave's in the middle of the campground would be interesting.
rating [ 4/10 ]
Very outdated looking KOA: below KOA standards I'm sure. The pool was not heated and full of cottonwood leaves. Bugs were bad because the entire campground was surrounded by swamps. The trees were full of screaming frogs, or bugs until sunset. A group of boy scouts came in late, 2 AM and were banging around trying to set up their swiss army cotts, right behind our tent: they slept outside with no tents!
rating [ 10/10 ]
Very quite here: no road noise as most KOA's. They had very helpful staff and the kids enjoyed the playground. Came in too late to use the pool but it looked very clean and they put a cover on it at night. The only problem was the very strong smell of raw sewage coming from an open pond, in the back of the campground, that had a blue green color to it. It was fenced in with warning signs saying "no swimming" (no @!#*!). Do they allow open sewage pits in Iowa? We felt sorry for the family camping in the back campsite. I thought I was going to puke!
rating [ 6/10 ]
The campground was very clean. The owners were very helpful. Our family and my brother-in-law's family stayed here to have access to bike on the Elroy Sparta bike trail. We were only in the cabins to sleep, as we were on the trail all of Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. We used very little of the services. We did not know if we could get back to the campground at check out time (12 noon) Sunday so we were upfront with the staff about what we could do. They said we could pay 5 dollars an hour, after 12 noon, because they had no reservations lined up. We agreed to this and even gave them our cell numbers in case they had someone interested in cabin. We came back to campground at 1:30 and paid up until 2 PM so the kids could have a quick swim. By then the manager was glaring at us and made a comment about if they are going to swim any longer they would have to charge us a whole day of camping. We told him what our arrangement was with the owners, but he said and he did not care. He kept on acting very rude saying we were deceitful. We got the kids out of the pool and tried to leave asap, not easy with kids, while Dennis was glaring at us and making comments. We had a great time until the last 20 minutes when he spoiled our fun memories of a great family weekend, on Labor day. This was not the kind of treatment we expected. We are a very loyal KOA customer over the last 20 years, and have never been treated like this before.
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