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rating [ 10/10 ]
Best value in the area. After traveling throughout the country, we've learned to recognize RV parks that try their best to provide a nice experience for the traveler. This place is among the best. Nice pool, reasonable laundry prices and a great attitude make this a "must see" park. Two thumbs up from us.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Great Park. Close to all the historic sights in Gettysburg. Staff was wonderful. We were so happy with the park that we extended our stay twice!
rating [ 10/10 ]
Clean and quiet. Large sites. Staff was fantastic.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Quiet, clean and staffed with friendly folks. Nice walking trails!
rating [ 3/10 ]
Hospitality Woods: Sounds inviting doesn’t it? Images of kindly retired couples passing out cookies and cocoa to the weary travelers comes to mind. What we found is possibly the crankiest RV Park in the lower 48 states! When we arrived at about 3:00PM the office was closed. There was a chalk board that instructed you to slip cash in the mail slot or write down your credit card number and expiration date and slip it under the door. We came to learn that the office/store is closed most of the time. My wife goes up to the office door to get a camp map and is greeted by a young kid and big ole dog. The dog doesn’t like my wife. The dog starts barking and circling her. I fumble for my pepper spray and grab the dog dootie bags by mistake. I would be useless if this was a bad guy I was confronting. I finally grab the pepper spray, leap (sort of) from the truck, and run (gimp) to my bride’s rescue. The dog left before I got there, trotting happily after his mistress, tail high. What we found is what was a once nice campground, gone to seed. The sites were nice sized, with full hookups, although there was a hand written note that said the cable TV didn’t work in the park. This was no doubt because the park is letting in riff raff such as us, at half price. A posting on the window says: "We offer discounts as a courtesy. We set the rules and you have them in your membership books. If they are not good enough for you, then you can go elsewhere. If you are unable to pay our low rates, here is the number of the welfare office." That was just a small sample. We make our way to a site at the back of the park, with no neighbors to bother us. The site was not mowed and full of weeds, but it was level and we were happy to get stopped for a couple of nights. I set up the satellite dish and we are good to go. After we get set up, I sit down and read the “rule sheet” for Hospitality Woods. Without any exaggeration, there were 30 rules and regulations that filled the page from top to bottom! Examples would be “If you plug into a 50 amp by mistake, even if you have a 30 amp rig YOU WILL BE CHARGED! My favorite was “NO REFUNDS FOR SHORTENED STAYS, PLEASE DON’T ASK” I guess that more than one camper found the campground less than optimum. I find it ironic that a campground hates campers. Oh well, we are here for 2 days and we are out sight seeing for most of the time. This is where Hospitality Woods shows just how inhospitable they really can be. Hoses are hooked up and I pull the valve on the BLACK water tank. Remember, black water is the stuff that goes down the toilet. Things start dumping as normal when all at once, the park’s sewer system plugs up. I’ve now fertilized the weeds in Hospitality Woods. Oh the humanity. This was the most disgusting sewer dumping event in my history. I’m gagging and choking, trying to water down the mess to at least thin it out. For the next 30 minutes I am trying to clean out my hoses and wash up the mess. I finally get things put up and away. I go in the rig and wash up. Yuck I understand the trials and tribulations and expense of running a campground, but if you hate the job or the campers, perhaps a different line of work is in order! This place has potential, but under the current management I wouldn't hold my breath.
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