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rating [ 8/10 ]
We found the park well kept, and nicely decorated for the holidays. Someone met us as we pulled up, had us follow him to our spot, and helped us back in ("Just do what I say, I have done this on aircraft carriers for years"). We lost track of time (Sanibel Island is very nice) and over-stayed a day, arriving back at our site at 3 PM. The lady in the office was understanding, and let us pay and stay for an extra day, even though the spot was supposed to go to another camper who was waiting. I apologized to the other camper, and he was accommodating also. This could have gotten ugly, but it did not. I was a happy camper.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Although unpaved, the roads were in good shape. Friendly staff, clean (dirt and crushed limestone) sites, and a primitive setting (thus the unpaved roads and no grass - lots of trees, though). We had an armadillo wander through our campsite! Access was a little difficult, but friendly folks across the road moved their truck and table to allow me an easy entrance. An experienced driver could have done it without that. Only one big site is available..a Class A diesel pusher with a trailer in tow was in there. Firewood is for sale at about $4.00, and there is a fire ring in every site. Tents and RV's share the facility. There is a lot of algae in the swimming hole. Canoes are available for rent. A slow running river runs through the park. No trouble turning my 30 foot 5th wheel around at the dump station. It's on another road to the youth camp. Do not take an RV bigger than a Class C into the main parking lot: It is a tight turn at the end, and large rocks in the center to keep you from pulling through. On weekends, buy your cavern entrance tickets early, as they sell out.
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