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rating [ 8/10 ]
This campground seemed a little older, but we were very pleased with our 1 month stay here. The site we had was level and fit our 37.5 ft 5th wheel, 1 ton, and our single cab truck. Our only complaint is some of the staff could have been nicer.
rating [ 4/10 ]
I totally agree with one of the other reviewers thoughts, the manager at Southern Palms is terrible! We have stayed at this park twice. The first time was in Feb. therefore it was still very crowded. So the the rude behavior of the staff was tolerated by my girlfriend and I. We decided to give it another chance in June. This was a mistake. We were 1 of about 5 or 6 RV's in their section across 44A there are over 200 sites on this side. They put us directly in the sun. After getting set up and seeing how hard our AC was working, we asked to move to a shaded spot. The manager said no. Then changed her mind when she thought we might pay some more money. She said all the shady spots were premium sites. We didn't change sites. On the day we were moving on, I had to work. Check out time is 12. I leave work around 2:30. We asked if we could have a late check out time, she said no. She told my girlfriend just to pull out of the spot and wait for me to get off work. Its 95+ outside and we don't have a generator. During the Snowbird season you will be packed in like sardines. I do not recommend this place, although I would if the manager was replaced.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We are loving this park. Alot of residents, but there are still some open sites. The staff is friendly. The pool is 12 foot-deep with a hot tub and a kiddy pool. The put-put course could use some work. They also have two nice pool tables and shuffle board. There are multipule restrooms. Also they have a nice pavillion with a dock and a little pond with a swan and some ducks. Sad to say, there is no fishing in the pond, because there are some big catfish in it that like to be fed.
rating [ 5/10 ]
For my girlfriend and I, this resort was not too bad. I would not stay here long though. It is mainly permanent residents, who seem to be very nosy. If you needed a place to stay for a week or less I would recommend it due to the staff being helpful and nice.
rating [ 2/10 ]
I had high hopes for this park. We just stayed at a park were the staff was very rude and condescending. This seemed to be due to the fact we are around 30 and some of these parks in Florida really want to be 55+. We are from Texas and expect a little Southern Hospitality. We visited the park the day prior to moving there. The staff was wonderful. They took us around the park and we were able to pick the site we wanted. We picked one of their older sites. The person showing us around explained they were in the process of changing all the electric out with new breakers, breaker boxes, and wiring. She told us we could expect to have the breakers flip if it became crowded or extremely hot. This is something we were willing to deal with because we liked the large shaded site we had picked. The site was an old permanent residence that had been demolished. While looking at the spot we noticed a lot of broken glass on the concrete pad. The site only had a 30 amp plug and breaker as well. She said they would have the glass picked up and the electric changed to accommodate my 37.5 ft. 3 slide 5th wheel. We were excited to be moving to this camp ground the staff seemed great… We arrived for check-in around 3:00 pm. After paying our $100 dollar deposit for electric and 3 months’ rent, about $1500, we went to our site. The glass had been cleaned up from the concrete pad we were parking the RV on. I went to plug the trailer in and it was still a 30 amp plug. No big deal I have a reducer, but they promised it would be changed over. The girlfriend went to the office and the maintenance guy came right out to change the plug. So at this point we are happy. A few days go by and we decide we want to have the cable hooked up. We go in to pay one morning and are told they will turn it on by this afternoon. That day ends no cable. We mention it the next morning; we know we are not the only campers, and things happen. They said they would come right down. A few hours go by nothing. After going to the office for a third time to get the cable turned on they finally came to turn it on. Over these couple of days and the rest of our stay, we had to flip the breakers after they tripped at least every couple of days or if we ran to many appliances at once for the circuits. For example fridge, AC, and microwave would trip the breaker. The area around us was not full of campers either. As I mentioned this was an old site. They leveled things out around were the old house sat by adding more wonderful black sand that is already all around. For those that don’t know this sand gets everywhere and when it gets wet you track this black sticky sand everywhere. By the end of the first week I had picked up some pieces of glass around the trailer. I didn’t want anyone cutting their foot or paw, we have a dog. As with the electric some glass could be expected a home was torn down here. I feel we had been very patient. Then I have a flat on my 1 ton, it had a screw in the tire. This made me look around in the sand a little more. I noticed glass, screws, nails, etc… So we went to the office and informed them there was stuff all in the sand they said they would get it cleaned up right away. A couple of days went by and no clean up. Another day went by and a flat on the other truck. Now our patients with them are wearing thin. I ate the cost of the 1st tire because it could have happened anywhere, but a second tire within 2 weeks. By this point I start cleaning up all the stuff up around the site, because apparently customers getting flat tires and the possibility of being hurt are not important to them. I had everything around my site cleaned up nicer than most of the sites there, things were OK. Then the unexpected happened we found 2 abandoned kittens. As another review said there is a feral cat problem. We waited most of the day for the mother to return but she never did. These kittens were almost dead at this point. My girlfriend put the kittens in a box. We took them to the office. The lady in there asked if we could take them down to the store. We did so begrudgingly, that is when things got out of hand. The employee in the store was extremely rude with my girlfriend. She told me she had never been treated so rudely. It basically all boiled down to the park saying the cats were feral and not their problem. We just didn’t want these kittens to die under our trailer adding to the stench already in the air. At this point we had enough. We went and asked for a refund for the remainder of our time that we had already paid for, about 2 and ½ months. They of course said no! We were able to go back through all our paperwork and their website and proved they did not have a refund policy in place. Of course now they are telling us we can move to another site and came to clean up the trash and glass I already picked up. This was too little too late in my book. We declined to move or let them try to do anything else to correct their mistakes. We just wanted to break our ties to the park and move on. We agreed to stay the remainder of the month while they mailed a check from there “main office” in Pennsylvania to our Texas address since they would not allow us to receive personal mail at their office. We packed up on the last day we were supposed to be there yet we had not received a check yet. So we went to the office and the owners thought we had changed our mind since we stayed the rest of the month. As one can image this was the last straw. After getting the run around for a few hours, they finally wrote us a check on the spot and we were on our way. Needless to say I do not recommend this camp ground. The three so called college graduates that run the place for Mommy and Daddy or Aunt and Uncle are 3 silver spoon fed brats. I learned more about customer service at McDonald’s in one summer at 16 years old. I could have gone into more detail than I did, but here is a summary of the things I did not like about Wekiva Falls: poor electric, glass and trash around some of the sites, I had 2 flat tires, feral cats and kittens, sulfur smell, rude employees’ and owners, and finally the lack of customer service.
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