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rating [ 3/10 ]
Camped here once and will not go back. This campground reminded me of a big parking lot with large stones and gravel for their sites. They do have trees but there is no walking areas and it was very small and contained. There were some activities. Just did not seem like a campground at all. They did say new owners had bought it and were fixing it up but I really do not know what else they could do with the location they were in. Did not see grass at all!!
rating [ 8/10 ]
This seemed like a very nice campground but it rained the whole weekend we were here. They had a lot of activities and a nice bingo night on Friday. They also had a great ice cream shop with a full service restaurant. The sites are not that large so we were close to our neighbors. The permanent sites were unbelievable. Some of them were landscaped nicer than my home. The staff at the campground also were nice. The store was well stocked. We would go back again but maybe get a site down by the pond. They were much larger sites.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We camped here in the Spring because they had a special: camp for one night and get the second night free. We had a beautiful site on the top of the hill. It was large and accommodated our 38 ft camper with 4 slides. There were some activities but I see on their calendar they have lots going on during the summer camping season. Their bathhouses were immaculate and they have 2 pools top and bottom. The older ladies were very nice in the office. They do have some woods to walk. The permanent sites are kept very nice and seemed friendly. We would like to go back in the summer but it did seem pricey for a weekend. If you do camp on the top sites be prepared to drive your car to the bottom to get to the activities. The hill is a "killer" to walk up and down. We would like to go back again in the Fall and hope to return.
rating [ 4/10 ]
We stayed on lakefront site 29. Every year the price per night gets higher and it is only based on 2 adults. We had 2 children so it cost us $76 a night. (We can go to the shore for less than that a night.) Usually rates include a family of 4! The bugs were so bad our children got bit up even after using tons of bug spray. The office people are not pleasant and they have security people driving around acting like policemen. When we arrived after a 4 hour ride, I jumped out of the truck to take my dog out. Of course I grabbed the wrong leash (without doggie pickup bags) and she did her duty and just at that time one of the security guards were driving by. He yelled at me to pick it up and I explained to him I was walking back to my truck (I was only about 30 feet from my site) and he continued to sit at the spot where she went and waited until I came back. My dog only weighed 8 pounds at the time so it was hardly visible, but I always clean up after her. They never have the outdoor pool open. It was so hot this Memorial Day it should have been open. They do have an indoor pool but it was too hot in there, and it's overloaded with chlorine. They have a hot tub but you have to feed it with quarters. They never empty the trash dumpsters, so by the end of the weekend there is trash everywhere. For such a big campground, you would think they would have a big store with food to eat, but they do not. They sell hot dogs at an outdoor stand, and they have an ice cream window. The paddle boats are very expensive to rent. The only thing I like about the campground is that all of the roads are blacktopped. Besides that I think it is a glorified commercial campground and the 7 mile hill to get to it is very rough. This has been our 4th year here and every year it has gotten more expensive and not worth the money. Will not be going back again!!
rating [ 10/10 ]
I love this campground. It is situated in between 2 mountains and so quiet and peaceful. If you are looking for a great campground to kick back and relax, this is the one. The owners are very nice and accommodating. You will not have cell phone service but you you can get Wi-Fi. They do accept Good Sam Club discounts and for E/W/S is $35 a night and E/W is only $30 a night. They do have a fire engine ride on Friday nights and a tractor ride on Saturdays, but beside that there are not many activities. Who needs activities when you have mother nature to enjoy? The sites back up to a nice pond to fish in, and there is a stream running through the campground. The owners keep this campground very clean and do their best to make sure you enjoy your stay. I also liked that they had trash cans every 100 feet to dispose of your trash and they emptied them every night before dark so animals wouldn't get into them. The pool looks brand new and was crystal clean. The permanent site campers go out of their way to make you feel welcome and their sites are well kept. If you do want activities: the Grand Canyon is only 15 miles away and historic town of Wellsboro is 10 miles away. They also have a train ride, horseback riding, and a covered wagon ride about 20 minutes away. We look forward to returning next year again.
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