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rating [ 2/10 ]
I was really looking forward to camping here. It looked nice on the website. It is pretty, but very boring. It rained and so they just cancelled all the activities. We paid 7.50 for each kid and they had nothing free for the kids to participate in. They told me the arcade was open. However, I really didn't feel like spending anymore money to keep my kids entertained. They also said there was arts and crafts. Of course everything cost around $5 (times this by four and it adds up). My kids don't need entertaining but it was raining and we were staying in a tiny pop-up, with four kids. Pool was closed at 7 on Friday night, we arrived at 7:30 and it was still very hot. My kids swam in the lake which was nice. THe pool was closed most of Saturday because of the rain. When it was open, this mean lady follows you around yelling. The hot tub is not hot and don't dare have your kids put a body part in-you will get the lecture of a life time and maybe even get kicked out. Overall, this was a very disappointing camping experience and we left a day early. Way too expensive and you get nothing for your money. When you complain, you get an arrogant woman in the office who make you feel as if you around 12. Camp somewhere cheaper. It is not worth the money.
rating [ 1/10 ]
Gross. That is all I have to say. The staff was unfriendly and mean. They do not like people. I was embarrassed in front of my husband and kids that I had chosen this campground. I wanted to leave and stay in a hotel very badly, but we stuck it out. I would have left and went home but we had a family reunion in the near area on Sunday and we had traveled about two hours to get to this blank hole. The campground is the pits and the area is beyond boring. Don't waste your money by staying in this campground. You'd be better of camping in your back yard.
rating [ 8/10 ]
I wanted to stay at this campground for a long time because of the shower and kitchen area on the site. This is huge when you camp in a basic pop-up. It was very nice. The campground itself was good; the activities were not great. Could have used more since it rained the whole weekend. We did not get to use the pool. But overall, it was a good weekend. The kids loved the store. Staff in store was very nice. Office staff was ok, little impatient at times but not unfriendly. We went in June and there was a lot of mosquitoes, but this is to be expected when you camp.
rating [ 6/10 ]
A little too commercialized and crowed for my taste. But the kids enjoy coming here so we do it for them. I guess that is all that matters. Staff is nice and the facilities are kept up. The activities are fine. I prefer a more quiet campground myself.
rating [ 8/10 ]
I enjoyed this campground. The owners work around the clock to make sure people are having a good time. The weekend we went, the had a mother's day activity that was really fun. My kids had fun all weekend. I was impressed with the effort the staff during activities. I also loved the cabin, it was very cute. I will go back in a heartbeat.
rating [ 5/10 ]
Very clean campground but not a real camp. The playground was nice and the pools are unbelievable. However, the weekend we were there there was not much going on. Not much for the kids to do besides swim (which we can do at home). The put us on a sight that was just big enough for the tent trailer and barely the fire ring. We were very cramped. The people in the store were very slow and chatty with each other. I waited forever to pay for food. I also asked someone what there was to do around the campground-she was clueless. How do you not know what is around when you work at a campground. It is something you should really be able to tell people. I guess there is not much around. I don't think I will go back here. I liked the hot tub and the pools but for the amount of money we paid, there should have been more than a hayride for the kids, especially the weekend before July fourth.
rating [ 10/10 ]
I have camped for over ten years. We have been to so many campgrounds that I have lost count. However, I will remember this campground as being the nicest, cleanest, prettiest and friendliest campground I have ever been to. I LOVED it. We had a beautiful campsite on the water. The view in the morning (and all day) was spectacular. The staff was beyond nice. They had a pirate themed weekend and the staff put so much effort into the activities, my kids had more fun that they did at the Pirates and Princess Party at Disney World! The staff member on the hay ride was so funny and fun. My kids learned a lot from him as well (he was a former teacher and you could tell). The manager was so kind to my kids and put so much effort into the activities-I don't think she stopped working the whole weekend. The staff remembered their names and always said hello when they saw them. It was like we were seasonals. This was impressive since I sometimes feel that seasonals take over at some campgrounds and the transients feel awkward. Not here. The staff was delightful. The whole experience was wonderful. I loved the real camp atmosphere but everything was clean. I cannot say enough about this place. I will be going back soon for a week or more. It is close to all kinds of attractions but you will never want to leave the campground!
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