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rating [ 7/10 ]
This review is based on a month stay. The owner was very friendly and courteous; she took time to show me around the park. The view from my lot was wonderful, the lots are level with gravel and plenty of shade trees. The water pressure was fine and the electric reliable. The sewage hookups don’t screw in but there are plenty of large rocks at each site to hold things in place, a rubber compression fitting worked fine from Walmart for 3 bucks. The laundry was large and clean. The Wi-Fi was a hit and miss but doable. You can’t receive your mail here unless you have it sent UPS. This was a nice park and I would stay here again.
rating [ 4/10 ]
This review is based on a month stay. This park has clean facilities but they are dated; the laundry was very small. The lots are paved and relatively level. The sprinklers, as others have noted, spray everywhere, management will not fix. Half of the cable channels are very grainy and I can honestly say it is the worst Wi-Fi I've experienced and management is aware of these problems. I had to walk up to the club house to connect when I needed to work. My 30amp hookup was very loose in the pedestal. There’s no place to walk your dog except for a little gravel area in front of the laundry. You’re better off going across the street to the vacant lot, but watch out for the goat head thorns. This is a very busy and noisy park; traffic coming and going all day and most of the night. I sat next to a very old motor home, with a family that was constantly fighting, with a loud TV, door slamming at all hours and they smoked at the side and behind my RV. The smell from their RV was horrible, they’ve been there 6+ years. I was not the only person complaining about these people, management acknowledged that the people were a known problem. Behind me was a snowbird that kept her parrots outside all day and evening, although dogs tied up and barking are not allowed, caged parrots screeching all day is permitted. There were many empty lots but they would not relocate me. This park is badly mismanaged and when it comes to reservations and appropriate lot/rig sizes, triple check before you arrive. Management may seem friendly until they take your money, they are a lazy crew, they don’t want to do anything except stand around on the deck and smoke. Be aware, the grounds keeper is a very foul mouthed person, I heard him unload on a few people for silly things by raising his voice and cursing. If you’re placed anywhere near lot 100, refuse the lot. I paid for a full month but left after 3 weeks. Management could have moved me, corrected the problem people or at least offered me some sort of compensation for my trouble but they did nothing. I will never return to this park.
rating [ 5/10 ]
Stayed here a couple of weeks. The management was somewhat friendly but they were never in the office. The woman always acted as if every little thing was a big production. As the other reviewer stated, they would buzz around in their golf cart but catching them in the office was a chore. Wi-Fi was spotty and the traffic noise was terrible. Tthey cut down a lot of vegetation between the park and highway while I was there. Try to stay in the south east side of the park or the rooster across the street will wake you. Of course staying in the south east side will give you a view of the junkyard next door. Water pressure is 115psi and I went through 3 regulators in as any weeks. Electric was good and constant. Small trees, not much shade, but there was grass and the lots were level. The showers and laundry are old but maintained. This park is way over priced for what it is but there are not many options in Logan.
rating [ 1/10 ]
This place is a dust bowl with no amenities right next to a highway. Like the other reviews have said, no grass or trees, the roads and lots are all badly rutted, WiFi is unreliable. It has electric and water and it is near a Walmart and RV supply store. That's the only good thing about this park.
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