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rating [ 7/10 ]
Nice area to stay. Ocean is right down the road about 1/4 mile. Plenty of hiking/mountain biking/cayaking/scuba diving. No surfing right close, but about 5 miles headed out of the park is Hazards Canyon. Have to hike through a forest to get to it, good break. Locals mostly, so watch your stuff as there has been a old history of getting windshields hit with baseball bats if you are not a local. I haven't had this problem and haven't heard it a problem for some time. I have camped here off and on for 15 years. One big negative is the night Racoons!! They are not afraid of anything including big dogs. They see one thing and its your food. So lock up your food or put it in your car. They will open your cooler and raid it with you sitting 5 feet away at the campfire. Very sneaky fat suckers. Other than that the campground is pretty primitive, but a awesome location. I would not recommend this area if you are over 28 feet. Not sure they are even allowed in the ground. Nice amount of trees for shade. Clean area as its a state park. Plenty of things to do and not to far from town if you want to skip cooking. I will continue to stay here frequently.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Another all time favorite! Just inland from the ocean. We stay here every year for Scott Tinleys Triathlon. We usually stay 2-3 nights and have a blast. There is a big lake with water sports, mountain biking trails everywhere, hiking trails everywhere, swimming and mustang water slides. Its a great family camping environment. I believe they do have some 50amp hookups, but not sure. If they do, they are limited. Our 5th wheel uses 30 amp so never really was a issue for us. Rates are great, get a reservation as it does get crowded at times. Plenty to do for the whole family. Be sure to talk with the rangers as there are national forests that back onto the property and mountain lions and bears have been seen. There are some really cool boyscout camps on the other side of the lake you can get to by hiking or biking. If you have a mountain bike, take it as the trails there are awesome!! Its a good secret area to visit. Local wineries as well to visit for a quick 10 min drive for wine tasting. Farmers Market in Arroyo Grande is a must, very good for fruits and veggies. Enjoy!!
rating [ 9/10 ]
Our favorite place to stay. Its not primitive, but there are no RV services. Used a generator for electric, filled our water tanks for showers and dishes, propane for heating/fridge. Generators have to be off by 8pm, not like other camp sites of 10pm. The host will come by and make sure yours is off if its on and past 8pm. Nice listening to the ocean at night, beach is just a short walk down. We camp with our dog and its a pet friendly park, but use your leash. We have a 28 ft 5th wheel and just barely made it into our site. I would not recommend anything larger as the sites are very small and close quarters. Open fire pits are awesome for making smores. Picnic tables at each site. Some have trees and some not. Enjoyed our stay there and will continue to stay there often. Surf is ok for the area. Great place to build sand castles. Plenty of beach to run down and get a good morning jog in. Enjoy your stay here as its one of our all time favorites!
rating [ 7/10 ]
I stayed here perm stay for 6 months in a new 18 foot travel trailer. In the time I was there several times Navajo bums would come by looking for money or to sell things to me. I voiced this concern to management and they promptly had someone from maintenance come by and get them out. I worked nights at the hospital there occasionally. During the day it was rather loud from work getting done on the campground or maintenance using blowers/lawnmowers on the grounds. Also during the day was when the peddlers came by, knocking on the doors to bum for money or sell you something. The campground is run by the hotel staff and is right in back of the hotel. There are frequent visitors that are on the way to grand canyon or Lake Powell. Its a busy campground with 70% occupied by travel medical staff like myself that are very friendly, not thieves, look out for oneanother. My $750 bowflex was locked with a master lock, cut and stolen. It was just frustrating as I was there to help the community with its medical needs. 30% of the campground is reserved for nightly rentals and they will not rent them long term. If you are looking for either long term or short, book a reservation, get the persons name and what assigned site they plan on getting you as it has been a chronic problem. When I did arrive in March 2008, they had no record of my reservation I had made a week prior. They gave me the very last long term site. You are pretty much left with them only for camping unless you go 20 miles South to Cameron. A coworker had stayed there and she said there were more problems there than anyother place she had stayed before. Multiple bums coming by selling things or wanting money, dogs running everywhere. Its high desert at 5,000 ft, very windy at times, rains instantly then sunny again. ATTENTION!! Don't leave down your awnings as they will get ripped by the 30+ MPH winds that go through there with no warning frequently. Dogs run all over town and in the park. They are local dogs owned by locals. There is no animal regulation so none have licenses and who knows if they have shots. They generally run in a pack of 3-6. You can simply kick at them or throw something at them and they run off. They chase the cars on the main street. I would only recommend this park if you had no other options and it was a very short stay. For travel nurses working there, this is the only camper option available. Advantage it is 1 mile to the hospital. The one coffee shop is right at the corner with wireless internet, but teenage kids hang out there daily and the hours posted are not always when they are open. I paid $470 monthly for my rate for 6 months. Water/trash/sewer/electricity were all included. Laundry room on site very nice and cheap. Frequent transient visitors come and go almost daily.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Mac and Joy are the hosts, very nice, new owners. Spoke to them for a little while as it was winter and the park was mostly vacant with about 25 long term residents staying. Site is outstanding with only one negative. Its right on the 160 highway. So the traffic in the day is loud from Semi's. But in the night, traffic finally settles down. Good nights sleep listening to the creek within 20 feet of our campground. We stayed in a truck topper that converts into a tent. Lights for night time use in tent. We hiked all around their 13 acre property line and enjoyed a nice walk along the river and across to the island. Coyotes in the night were enjoyable. Very friendly owners. I had called for reservations a week prior, arrived at 745pm. Office was closed. More than 70% of their sites were available so we selected what we wanted. The next morning I spoke with Mac and there as no rush to get over and pay for our stay. We finally paid in full the day we left. Good, safe, fun environment very close to many things to do in the area. Again the only negative is the traffic on the highway. They take cash and check only, no credit or atm. We will revisit some time soon. Thanks for a wonderful three nights stay!
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