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rating [ 3/10 ]
Highest of New Mexico's state parks (8,800'), so it tends to be cool in the summer. Convenient to Santa Fe (only about 12 miles to town). Downsides: highway noise, gloomy sites (you won't get much solar power here!), unlevel sites, narrow roads, dump station never open in all the times I've been there (I hear you can get staff to open it for you, but the office is never open either, so good luck finding a ranger!), generally gloomy and dark due to heavy forestation. Oh, and I should mention that to get here from Santa Fe, you must drive through some *very* narrow old streets and take some really tight turns at intersections. In anything longer than about 25', this can be a very stressful experience.
rating [ 4/10 ]
The pros: convenient to Albuquerque (about twenty minutes from midtown), but up in the hills where it's cool in the summer. Friendly staff. Very inexpensive with Passport America discount (about $12/night). The cons: somewhat run down. Sites located on a hillside and very close together, so not much privacy; you're likely to have a neighbor looking down into your rig from an uncomfortably close distance. Wi-Fi unusable unless you're within a few feet of the office. Still, all in all, a good place to stay if you need to be in Albuquerque in warm weather. (In winter, I recommend a different park on the west side of town.)
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is a very pleasant park with friendly staff and very well-maintained grounds. Sites are well separated. Free Wi-Fi internet is outstanding: I could "see" 8 hotspots from my campsite, and the speed of the connection was very fast. I've never seen a campground with such excellent Wi-Fi coverage. The large solar array represents a sizable investment in clean energy. Again, I haven't seen that at any other campground. The $35/night price represents a 10% FMCA/Good Sam discount; their weekly rate is only $30 a night. I'll definitely stay here again.
rating [ 3/10 ]
The first thing you get when you enter the park is a long list of rules. At the top of the list, it says, "THE FASTEST WAY TO EXIT THE PARK IS TO SPEED OR IGNORE PARK RULES." That pretty much sets the tone of the place. The owners are rule-obsessed, making campers feel unwelcome. By the way, nearly 3 out of 4 sites in the park are reserved for long-term occupants. Overnight campers are clearly not a priority with these people. They brag quite a bit about the quality of their water, but because of the design of the water spigot--sunk in a hole below ground level, with its mouth facing upward--mine was so clogged with dirt and debris that I wasn't tempted to trying using it. While the prohibition on children might lead you to think this is a quiet park, it isn't. The proximity of a major highway means there is constant vehicle noise, so it's far from peaceful. Bottom line: the atmosphere is far from hospitable, and the noise is annoying. I won't stay here again.
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