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rating [ 7/10 ]
There aren't many choices in silicon valley but this one meets the basic needs. First off, don't even try to go in without reservations. They are required and they take only cash and checks - no credit cards. The campsites are all long and laid out so even a big rig with slides can fit. We had 30 amp power and there was no on/off switch so it was a hot connection. But the power worked fine (we did have an autoformer on the line), the water was fine and the dump was conveniently located. The park is mostly full of long timers but their sites are neat and clean and everybody seemed friendly. It appears like they can take about 20 transients and the park was not full when we were there. There are no public restrooms or showers other than the pool shower. Yes there is a pool. Management is friendly and casual. Although it's in an industrial area, we didn't hear much noise from the area. Diesel fuel is available a block away once you figure out how to get in and out of the station. Walking west across the freeway is not recommended but in the other direction there are nice sidewalks and light industrial buildings. There's a terrific super market with a butcher shop about a mile up the road. Next time we are visiting the bay area we will stay here again.
rating [ 7/10 ]
This campground is right in the middle between the Los Angeles area and the San Francisco bay area. So it's in a perfect location to stop half way. There's nothing fancy about the park but the spaces can accommodate a big rig with slides and the pull through sites are long enough to keep a tow vehicle hooked up. The manager is very nice and seems to work 24/7. The power and water were good with no issues. It's about 10 miles south of Harris Ranch so in our case it worked out for a dinner date. We will stay here again the next time we want to break up our trip.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is one of our favorite campgrounds. Our favorite spots are high up above the lake where we spend our early evenings enjoying the setting sun behind the hills. There is that magic moment when the sky lights up just before nightfall and the reflection on the lake is breathtaking. Every campsite is wide with full hookups. There is well kept grass everywhere and the park is very well maintained. If there's any downside it's that Brackett airport is next door which does result in a lot of air traffic. However, it's kind of fun to watch the various planes, helicopters and occasionally blimps fly in and out. They also close the airport overnight so air traffic doesn't affect sleeping. We have been to this park multiple times both alone and with our club. The staff are friendly and the view spectacular.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We have been to this wonderful RV park multiple times both alone and with our motorhome club. In fact, we spend every New Years Eve there utilizing the fantastic clubhouse. There is nothing to criticize about this park. The sites are long and wide. The Wi-Fi works well. The hookups are modern. The staff are well trained and very customer friendly. And, of course, it's located right in the middle of the California central coast wine country. We will be returning with 30 motorhomes next New Years for our annual 5 day outing. And we expect to drop in a couple of times alone. I can't recommend an RV park more.
rating [ 1/10 ]
In 15 years of motorhoming primarily around California, this is the worst campground I have ever been in. For years our motorhome club has been going to this campground because we love the Ventura area and so we have tolerated the RV park. This year put us over the edge and we'll never return. First of all, the management has no clue how to run an RV park. During the 18 months since we booked our club in, they have lost our contract twice and we have had to send the signed version to them - remember - this contract was issued by them. When our wagon masters contacted the park about 2 months before our outing they told us that they had no reservations for us and no records of us - this after we sent them their own contract twice. They are charging us $ 66 a night - a price that normally would guarantee a first rate RV park. What we experienced was a park totally overrun by tents. 20' feet in front of our row of 12 nice motorhomes, we looked at an estimated 100 tent campers complete with kids that ran through our campsites, dozens of bicyclists weaving all over (without helmets), skateboarders (even some with motors), huge piles of garbage strewn about and noise late into the night. Although, I must say that their noise was somewhat muted by the constant roar of the freeway overhead. One of our members who has a seriously damaged back rode his small electric scooter to the office to buy an ice cream and he was told that scooters are not allowed and to not ride it again (but bicycles, skate boards, motorcycles are allowed). There was even a Pit Bull that lunged at anybody walking in the area and when we complained the management told us that there were no Pit Bulls. So the bottom line is that as much as we like the Ventura area, our club will not be back. And I concur with the previous poster regarding the vandalism and homeless situation. We even had one member's chained bicycle stolen.
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