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rating [ 2/10 ]
We had planned on staying at this park. Spoke to the host on the phone a few times and she was VERY nice. She mentioned that the park had some rain issues and they had closed for a few days to let it dry out. She mentioned that we may want to come look and then decide if we wanted to stay. We had thought the location was right so we didn't let it all scare us and went to the park anyhow. When we got there the host was still there and she was once again very nice and helpful. The problem was that the park was in bad repair, no restrooms, things in the middle of the road etc. We were the only ones in the park except for an old camper which was sitting there with nobody in it. I hate to give the park a bad review because the host was so nice but if I had seen this review I could have saved myself a lot of hassle. So, hopefully this will save others the hassle. I think the park could be nice but honestly it doesn't look like much care is put into the park at all and for that reason I am not sorry for telling about my experience here. I would not recommend this park until they can spend some time and money getting it in better shape or at least pick up the trash and things like logs in the middle of the road. In the end my family and I decided to go somewhere else as much as we hated to have to start looking for a new place at 7pm or so. Considering we were the only campers there it was a little on the odd side and we felt less than comfortable.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Found this park after leaving the one we were suppose to stay at approximately 20 minutes after pulling in. The park host is the nicest we have run into so far and one of the nicest guys I have met lately, period. This park is located on a private ranch with horses and is on the Medina River. The river not good for swimming but you can fish. I am writing this review from the park and we are very comfortable here. The park has a golf driving range, and a club house with pool table. They offer books and movies which guests can borrow. The park is just about as close to San Antonio as you can get without being in San Antonio.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This place was incredible and we will be back here many times in the future. It's like heaven on earth as far as I am concerned. My wife, myself and 3 kids 5,7 and 8 had a great time. We stayed here for 7 days on a lake front campsite in section C. I think it was section C. Quick notes for those that need Internet access or phone calls via cell phones: 1- I have a Sprint data card and had no luck anywhere in the park at all getting any kind of signal. 2- I have a "T" mobile cell phone I can use for calls and hook up to my lap top for Internet access. This worked but very poorly at our campsite and most parts of the park. Very tough to even complete or start a call. I did notice that my "T" mobile phone when it did work, seemed to work on Cingular's network only, no "T" mobile. Fine with me since it works either way and doesn't cost me any different. I only mentioned Cingular because those that have Cingular or "T" mobile will get some sort of access, just really bad and almost non existant in most of the park. I did notice that in section A, I got a decent signal on my phone consistently. So, if cell phone signal is important while you camp make sure you get in area A (I think). Better ask the staff when you reserve which has good access, I am pretty sure it's A. As for the rest of the park: -Beautiful scenery -Great hiking trails -Wildlife mostly rabbits and squirrels everywhere -Crystal clear lake -Marina with boat rentals -Nice swimming area I can't say enough how amazing this place is. Truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to in my life.
rating [ 4/10 ]
This was our first night at an RV park ever. We knew from the reviews here that it wasn't the cream of the crop but that was OK. We were basically looking for a place to pull over and sleep with electric for the Air Conditioner in the camper. This is basically what we got, it's a simple place to sleep for the night along your destination. It's a few miles off I-30 and pretty easy to get in and out of. We have a small travel trailer but we saw big rigs there too. The sites were large pull-thru sites. Did not notice if there was sewer hookups or not because we didn't really need them since we were leaving in the morning. The park was not crowded at all, we stayed on a Saturday night. We pulled in around 11pm, since I was ignorant to RV park procedures at night I decided to call the park first. The man answered the phone and was very nice and explained to me how to register using the after hours box. Overall we would stay here again as a place to sleep but not a destination.
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