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rating [ 9/10 ]
We enjoyed our stay at this quiet out of the way campground. They offer a boat launch and a fishing pier right on the Ohio River. The bathrooms and shower houses are the cleanest and best kept I've ever seen at a campground. The owners are very friendly and willing to help with anything they can. Most of the campers here are seasonal renters who come on weekends to enjoy the river. We camped here for 2 months while working at a nearby power plant. I was working night shift and had absolutely no problem with noise of any type during the day. My wife says it was the same during the night while I was gone. We will definitely stay here again. The rate above is the daily rate, we were charged $550 per month, including all utilities.
rating [ 6/10 ]
This place would be wonderful for a seasonal or full time site, all of which are around the outskirts and up and down the first few rows. The pull through sites are awfully tight and they cram as many campers into the tiny space as possible. They have you pull through and then someone backs in right behind you. Other than that, not too bad. When we got in it had been raining and the sites were flooded pretty bad. They took a few hours to drain into the storm drains and sewer drains that had been opened to help drain the sites. Pretty good water pressure. The olympic sized pool is close to the pull through sites and it kept pretty clean. The laundry facility is a little dated but it has an arcade for the kids to play in while you're doing laundry. The staff is pretty friendly and accommodating other than before we got there. We had reservations for a certain day, and were driving all day and night to get there. They called me at 7:45 and told me I had to check in before 8pm, at which point I was still 2 hours away. I told them I was going to spend the night somewhere else and check in the next morning, to which they responded that I couldn't check in until 2pm, even though my original reservation was for the previous day so they had the open site for me. Other than that experience the staff is friendly and they have fun things at the rec hall for kids like dances and karaoke. Wife says the shower and bathrooms were disgusting, but we generally don't use them.
rating [ 6/10 ]
We were traveling at night and needed a place to stay and shower, we stopped at the PA Welcome center on I-70 and grabbed some brochures. They were the only answer we got (at 9pm) so we headed there. We were so happy we ended up staying 2 extra nights. The fireman who manages the place is incredibly friendly and extremely helpful. He met us at the front at 11pm and took us back and let us pick a spot. He mentioned that if they had been full, he would have parked me in front of the firehouse and ran power and electric to my trailer. The bathrooms and shower house was pretty new and very clean. They had laundry facilities but we didn't use them as we only stayed for a few nights. Sites were level, water pressure was great and it was so quiet and comfortable there it was a treat. The only potential down side to note is we had no phone service back there, and had to go out to the road to make or receive calls. We will definitely stay here again, they have a monthly rate that is extremely reasonable.
rating [ 5/10 ]
Was unimpressed by the KOA in general, from the steep hills to the terrible roads inside the park. The pool was well kept, and I liked that they had a fenced in dog park, although the entire property, including the dog park, was on a steep grade. The dumpster was at the bottom of the hill and walking back up was a nightmare, so much so that we decided to drive to the office/pool/dumpster any time we needed to. The gravel roads weren't in very good shape and the sites were an average size. Well suited for an overnight stay, not a week long or even weekend camping trip in my opinion.
rating [ 7/10 ]
I'm glad I visited this campground before reading the reviews, otherwise I wouldn't have camped there. Maybe they've done some renovating in the months or years since most of these reviews were written, or maybe I'm just not picky. Admittedly, my wife and I weren't swept off our feet by the luxury and vast amenities, but we've stayed in worse and paid more for them. We full time so we visit a lot of campgrounds, and I feel Enon Beach Campground doesn't deserve the bad rap it has. While the showers and bathrooms are certainly dated, you get level (mostly paved), shades sites with full hookups and plenty of space compared to other places we've been. There are a lot of full time residents there and the "RV Graveyard" does take away from the coziness a little, but the two weeks we spent there we had no problems with anyone carrying on or making noise, and found all of the folks we interacted with to be very nice people who would do anything to help you before they even met you. The staff was friendly, and they have an entire section of the beach for dogs to go swim in the water separate from the roped off swimming area. There was also a fishing pier and a dock with some paddle boats that can be rented for $2 per half hour. We certainly got used to the trains and the hum of the interstate after a day or two, and honestly didn't notice it after a while unless we were sitting outside. We would definitely stay here again and plan on it in the near future.
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