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rating [ 5/10 ]
When reservations were made, we requested 2 sites to handle two 40’ fifth wheels from July 3 through July 12. We were told no problem and that we could be right next to each other; reservations were made in Feb. 2009. When the end of June 2009 rolled around, we both got calls to confirm the reservations, and then we were told we could not be together because of the size of the fifth wheels and that they were fully booked. After much discussion we just agreed because it was too late to make other plans. We show up at the park on July 3 and the sites were a little close, just about 10 sites away. Both of the sites were way to small for the fifth wheels. Either one did not have grass, any room after the slides were put out, no tables, nothing. The park does have a lot of full timers or people that never leave the park. They were not too friendly and parked cars on the sides of the streets, which made it interesting to get in and out. The park does not have a drive through park to turn around in. We had to drive partially through then turn the fifth wheel around in the park because our site was in the opposite direction as the street, pointed towards the entrance. When leaving we had to pull out of the site, back up while almost jack knifing the trailer to get it back on the main street through the park and exit out the entrance. The reason for this was that all the gates are locked to exit and the streets are blocked by the full timers. Rates were good, park was pretty clean, overall was all right, but too small for big rigs in my opinion. They had 2 pull through sites with grass, but we were not allowed in them even though we were told we were getting and paid for luxury sites. The people in the pull through sites both changed twice while we were there.
rating [ 5/10 ]
I would not recommend this park; not only is it over priced but the attitude of the manager is the worst of any park we have stayed in. The staff that I spoke with were helpful, manager was not. Very bossy and not willing to compromise. The park does not have cable or phone hookups, which I feel for the price should be standard. The sites were a good size, not big enough for our slide and awning though. Our awning was touching the tree and the slide was over the lawn almost touching the table of the site next to us. I was told that I had to have our truck out of the street, even though the site was not long enough to handle our total length. I was told to move the truck and even park it on the lawn by the manager, not even in the next site. This was a little strange, every park I have been too, lawn was off limits for everything. The park was not near full, only about 25-35% used. The park would be fine for a night or weekend to stop and catch some sleep. Don’t expect to be able to clean the vehicle, no water can be used to clean vehicles, and you are reminded in a not so professional way if caught doing so. We will only stay at this park again at a last resort.
rating [ 1/10 ]
The most overrated park I have stayed. Like mentioned above, the sites are the size of a sardine can, the prices are way high for the service. There is no such thing as concrete here and you are parked in dirt and mud. Some have gravel. The lawns for campsites are in bad shape. We were told that we could not move in early for watering of the site. Our site was gravel. The hookups are old and at the very end of sites, I needed about a 30 foot extension for the sewer hose. Office looks understaffed and they can be a little rude. They were very polite when reservations were made. They were told the size of our rig and truck. We were told there was no problem with the width and or length. Our slide was in the site next to us, the awning was in the other site. We were told that this was the only option, and could not be moved even with other open sites the entire weekend. Staff was rude when a trailer they were guiding into the site next to us almost hit our trailer. Basically was told to get back into my trailer and that I could do nothing as far as a compliant. I do not know what the people that are rating this park are comparing it too, but I feel they need to stay at other parks for a comparison. We will dry camp on a side road before returning to this park.
rating [ 3/10 ]
First time at Flying Flags RV Resort in Buellton, CA, reason was that a Festival was going on in Ventura and every park was full. First impression was great. Pull into the main entrance at approx. 11:40 A.M. Go in to check-in and we are told we can either leave and come back at 2:00, or park at the field in the back with no hook-ups until 2:00. The reason was that they do maintenance from 12:00 to 2:00, checkout is 12:00. I explain that I have a meeting in Ventura at 4:00 and don’t have time to wait around until 2:00 and then try and get to Ventura. They offer to give me an early check-in for a fee, even though they had to do maintenance. Well we get to the site, all gravel, must be hard to maintain. The site is a pull through, but is so narrow and with a 90 degree turn to enter, I had to make a 4 point turn to enter the site with a trailer next to me. I ran over the site boundaries with the truck and trailer to get into the site. I get the trailer into the site, with the trailer in the center of the site, the slide hangs over to the left site and the awning hangs over to the right site. I go back to the office and explain what is happening, and am told there is nothing they can do and all the sites are pretty much the same size. I was told that my trailer is on the smaller side that they see and everyone else has no problem, the same on the phone when the reservations were made. (When I made reservations I told them I had a 33’ trailer with a crew cab long bed truck, so sharp corners were not the easiest thing to do.) We spend Thursday night without much more communication with anyone in the campground. Friday I talked with one of the park attendants regarding early check-in and was told that they let people in after 12:00 without a fee, I checked in at 11:40. So 20 more minutes I would not had to pay a fee. I get asked to move my truck back because it is sticking out into the road. The trailer is all the way to the back of the site, and the truck’s front left tire is into the road with the tailgate about 3” from the hitch. He says that I can lay my tailgate down to get under the trailer, until he sees the front support for the 5th wheel. Saturday rolls around and a couple try to get there 33’ trailer in next to us, awning side. Another attendant is trying to guide the couple in, when I heard them I opened the trailer door and could not see light between their trailer and my awning. I told the guy to hold on and get into a heated discussion with the attendant about the size of the spaces, how close he was, etc. He tells me basically to be quite and get back into the trailer and let him do his job. I was told that I did not have to stay there and that anything I said could not get him fired. I put my awning down and the couple starts apologizing for the attendant, and his attitude towards me. This was the first interaction others, other than being unhappy, that we have had. Other than the sites, personalities of the employees and lack of help, the customers were not all that pleasing. Walked through the sites, did not even ask, would not respond when asked questions. Just seemed we were outcasts for the first time on vacation.
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