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rating [ 6/10 ]
We camped here over the fourth of July weekend (Tuesday-Saturday). It is a nice park with a lot of amenities, especially for the children. We are retired and do not travel with children, so it was of little use to us. It wasn't as crowded as we expected which was a godsend. The sites are side-by-side, by which I mean, the two sites have their hookups in the same area pulling in opposing each other with driver sides very close together. Did I mention I hate side-by-side hookups? This also means your neighbor on the passenger side opens up onto your open area as well. The sites are fairly large doing this, but we prefer our privacy. If you travel with another RV, this would be great. They also only have 30 amp hookups but yet advertise they are big rig friendly - big rigs are not just larger but also have larger electricity needs. We did put our water heater on propane, were careful with what we turned on at the same time and managed not to blow the breaker. It was cool, so no need for the ACs. We were also unable to connect to their WiFi even though we had good signal strength at our site. When I mentioned this to the office, they said I must be doing something wrong since they got it in the office and made no further attempt to help me get on. I am a computer nerd and have had no problem with over a 100 campground WIFi's so I know how I SHOULD be able to connect. I used our Verizon MiFi instead. It was slow but reliable. All the above limitations would not be so bad except they are the most expensive RV park in the area. If you use all of those amenities, I guess it would be worth it, but we used none of it. Our rate reflects the Good Sam discount.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is our favorite place to stay when visiting the San Antonio area - about an hour to downtown San Antonio. We prefer the sites on the upper loop 67-84 as there is ample shade there and the trees are trimmed for big rig access. We had good Verizon access and was able to get the satellite from the roof antenna in site 67 - a tripod could get it in most other sites. Our rate reflects the "geezer" pass.
rating [ 4/10 ]
This has to be the most I have paid for a site this bad. The sites are so tight you can barely walk between units when the slides are out. All transient sites are side by side hookups and that leaves you awning to awning on the other side and there is no way you have room to put out your awning. Heavily wooded so satellite service is unlikely, though I was able to finally get it in my "satellite friendly" site by using a tripod. I thought I would never get my 40 foot unit in the site with all of the vehicles parked along the street and the site at 90° to the street. Rate reflects Good Sam discount. I would never camp here again in a big rig.
rating [ 9/10 ]
A great FamCamp just a few miles from either Virginia Beach or Historic Williamsburg. Campground hosts were very cordial, pleasant and knowledgeable, though I did have trouble getting them to return my call when trying to change reservations. The campground is well kept and in great repair. The base has all the usual amenities and is small enough you don't have to travel miles and miles to get to them. The Naval Air Stations and Norfolk Airport are far enough away you don't hear much jet noise, though there is some. There is some road noise in the sites up near the office but it isn't too bothersome. Wireless Internet is available for $7.95/night or $14.95/week or even better per month. Verizon works well and the cable TV has over 60 channels. Satellite access is available from most sites even though there are many trees in the campground. I would definitely stay here again.
rating [ 5/10 ]
This could be a nice park with a little more attention to the amenities. We had a nice pull-through site that allowed campfires. The WiFi was unusable if another rig was parked between us and the office, which it always was as the park stayed at least 90% full. The "satellite TV" they advertise only has 12 channels and 5 of those didn't work (including CBS). Three of their four washers were supposed to be repaired but were not. Their power management is also a little suspect as we kept losing power "because too many people were using their air conditioners!" Closer examination revealed they were using one 50 amp breaker to supply two 30 amps sites. This isn't going to work for big rigs with EMS systems as the rig next to me had. The park is ran by a couple of very young people who didn't seem to really care if anything worked. I would not stay here again!
rating [ 6/10 ]
Rate reflects Passport America discount. There are quite a few seasonal sites but still plenty of overnight spots. The sites are long pull throughs perfect for an overnight where you don't want to unhook the toad. The sites are fairly narrow but roomy enough to put out slides on both sites. Owner/managers are friendly and it looks like they are trying to build a nice park.
rating [ 10/10 ]
One of the best state parks we've stayed in. we stayed in loop A, Site 4 which does not have a view of the lake but is very large site with satellite accessible sky. We hiked almost all of the trails and found the Cedar Falls trail to be the best, though also the most difficult. We would stay here again in a heartbeat. Access to the top of the mountain is easiest coming in from the East.
rating [ 6/10 ]
This state park encompasses Lake Itasca, the beginning of the Mississippi River. The campsite (68) was nice though small. Entry was a little difficult for a 35' motorhome due to proximity and location of trees complicating back-in. We stayed at Bear Paw campground which is the smaller of the two campgrounds and doesn't have wireless access. The larger Pineridge campground does have newly installed wireless access at some sites. Other hotspots are available at the visitor's center and other major areas of the park. Much maintenance is needed both at the campground and throughout the park. The trees need trimmed to allow motorhome access along the drives and campsites. There is also a lot of growth and downed trees along the trails which makes passage more difficult, especially if your health is less than perfect. The growth also aggravates the already horrendous mosquito problem - bring Deek! Minnesota also charges a additional $5 per day access fee for your vehicle though an annual pass is more economical if you will be there at least six days a year.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is a fantastic little Corp of Engineers (COE) campground. The sites are large and mostly level. We were in site 29 and it had to be at least 80 feet long and almost as wide. It has fire rings (firewood available in the campground for $5 per day) and new metal picnic tables. Potable water is available at different points in the campground but no individual hookups. Unusual from most COE campgrounds in that it also has hiking trails. Would definitely stay here again.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Nice campground that is well managed. We stayed in site #24 which is a waterfront pull-through. We were there four days in early May and it was really windy on the lake. You need to close your awning before leaving on a day trip. Most sites are shaded but there wasn't too many trees to prevent easy satellite access, especially with a tripod. We did have a problem with the ants though they didn't show up for the first couple of days. We put out Comet around all items that touched the ground and that alleviated it for the most part, but we still had them coming from the top via the trees. There isn't a whole lot to do in the area but camp which is fine with us. The campground is actually much closer to Chatahootchee, FL than Bainbridge, GA. Rates reflect use of Golden Age Pass.
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