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rating [ 7/10 ]
Really the only close in RV park game in town. Signage is a bit tricky (2 blocks really means down the side street NOT the main street). Staff was very nice. Wireless is dirt cheap at 2 bucks a day. Power seems to be clean and at full wattage. Space between is a tad tight... But hey we are friendly RVing types. Cottonwood trees could be an issue for roof top A/C units (clogging condenser fins with seed cotton) during the spring time.
rating [ 9/10 ]
I know some dislike this RV park due to the tight spaces. I for one understand why it is this way. Real Estate is costly in the Bay Area. So for an RV park so close to San Francisco, this place really fills the bill. The staff were helpful and very nice even to a very nasty RVest just checking in (I would have sent him on his merry way to be sure. Some people will never be happy). The park was neat and clean. Pool and spa area were nice, but longer open hours would be a welcomed by this RVest We had a "large" cliff front site. The only way to go in my world. Yes cost more but the view was wonderful (hang gliders added an extra Wow every afternoon) We met each neighbor on both sides. Not often you get to be so close to one another. We all enjoyed nightly camp fires in our wash tub-! We shared wines and meals.. What more could any one want from a tightly spaced RV park? We'll be back as it's so close to SF and very well run.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Nice rv park... A bit on the pricey side. Most sites have trees that can pose a problem for above 40 footers. You need a spotter for this campground when parking. Of course the tent only sites will be full of younger kids. Lots to do here. Boat rentals are fairly priced. Will be very busy on the summer weekends. Met lots of nice people.
rating [ 2/10 ]
If you have to stop for the night. It's a place to be off the freeway. No charm. Over priced. Too many full time residents.
rating [ 5/10 ]
Nice place for a fishing RV'est. Has small docks that over look the river. Smallish sites if you have slides on both side. Power can be iffy ( low ) Use your meters to be sure. Highway noise at all hours. The park is kept clean. Has many full time residents and it looks this way. (a storage problem we all have)
rating [ 6/10 ]
Sites 69 and 70 are the best in the campground. Great view of the river and secluded from the other sites. Water, 30 amp and cable. Sorry no sewer at these sites.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Great beach side campsite. Loads of locals and their dogs walk by each day. If you stay longer then a few day. You'll get to know them. Great park hosts year round. Have exchange table. Take a book, share a book. A few locals that live down the road (and must use the park road) have a rather bad habit of speeding on the way to work (morning) and back home (evening). The park ranger is aware of this and keeps a close eye out. But if you have very young ones you have been warned! Sadly the in route / overflow camping is now also held hostage by that company reserve america. Best thing about overflow? You can head in (A or C class) so you have a view of the ocean.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Great place for a quick Sacramento or Bay Area California Delta getaway weekend / weekday. Can be “very” windy during the summer months. The Spring and Fall are far better windless months. Be aware of teenager using this park after hours as a lovers lane (harmless). They do not gate off the camping area from the other areas. There is always a park host. Some are better then others. Firewood is always available at 6 bucks a bundle. The bathroom were redone in late 05 and are very well kept. The shower will cost ya a few coins but the hot water keeps coming. Understand that there is a sand quarry above and behind this area that operates M-F and can create some noise and dust during windy days. If you fish you’ll love the boat launch and large boat trailer parking. A great place to hang out, pour an afternoon cocktail and play dominos with your better half while enjoying the minimalist landscapes the Delta is famous for. Not many places as easy going as this. The town of Rio Vista has some rather charming shops. The restaurants can be what I like to call consistently inconsistent. One day great and the next is just so so.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Great place to go and hang out for a weekend or week. Great wine in the area. The staff are warmhearted and more then will to help you no matter what your question. Fall and Winter months can be the best. Less people and more area to call your own. The pool is covered in fall and Winter months. The sites are nice, but leveling out will be needed. The cafe is staffed by sweet n spicy people. Great for early morning coffee wake me ups. I have never had poor power in either the 30 and 50 amp. spaces. The WiFi works will in most parts of the park.
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