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rating [ 6/10 ]
Good location for wine touring. Wi-Fi didn't work at all. AT&T and Sprint didn't work at all. Verizon had a pretty good signal. They have a ridiculous policy about guests visiting: $5/per person. Lots of old, run down trailers and 5th wheels in half of the property - tents and RV spots on the other half. Sites were a little cramped, but with trees between some.
rating [ 6/10 ]
Good location for wanting to be close to Fort Lauderdale. Not too far off interstate 95, so that was convenient. Unfortunately, it is also directly under the flight path of the small planes that land at the Fort Lauderdale airport. When they are landing they are only 100-200' off the ground and are VERY loud. Mostly big rigs and 5th wheels.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Great location for the weather. Not too far east so it doesn't get too hot and not too far west so it doesn't get a lot of marine layer. It is right next to interstate 8, but for me the traffic noise became white noise after a while and didn't bother me at all. Sites were clean and not too close together. Pool and jacuzzi were nice. Staff was friendly and professional.
rating [ 6/10 ]
Best location for big rigs close to San Francisco, but not much other than a parking lot. Sites are VERY close together. After my slides were open I did not have enough room on either side to even walk without stepping over the painted line. Some sites are wider than others. No pedestrian beach access as the lot is on a steep cliff with maybe a 75' drop. They do allow you to wash your car/coach, which is nice considering the salt spray coming from the ocean. Also a plus is the small shopping center about a block away that you can walk to with some restaurants, a Safeway grocery store and a Walgreens. Staff was very friendly and professional.
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