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rating [ 3/10 ]
We spent a week at this place and regretted it. I had to be close to town for business reasons, so we stayed, otherwise I would of left after the first night. I stopped several weeks prior to our stay to reserve a specific site and pay for the week. I wanted a site at a far corner of the place, because it's really rough. There are several old mobile homes throughout and some of the seasonals are scary looking. Naturally, when I arrived they refused to give me the site I requested, and tried to stick me in some dirt lot between two "homeless camp" looking seasonal rigs. Once a good spot opened up, they were going to give it to me, as it was available, but they had to wait to see if the owner was in the mood to let me move. There was same garbage laying on the shower floor for the entire week. As we were leaving one night, I saw one of the locals in his mobile home, (located in the center of the park) curtains up, watching porn on his big TV. After work one night we were sitting at the pic-nic table when a drunk, homeless guy came zooming through our site on a bicycle and did a face plant right in front of us. This place is best avoided.
rating [ 5/10 ]
I think the last post does a good job of describing the place. If you took the trouble to get to this "end of the earth" destination and took a look around town, you certainly wouldn't expect too much more than you get. It's rough, the owner is fun, and it's all good. Visit the glacier, the bear viewing platform, and have diner at the bus. I wish I was there.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Nice clean well run city park. We had a paved riverfront site. The utility hook-ups were a little wierd. The water and electric were located between each pair of sites, so an extension cord and an extra hose were required. Good spot for an overnight stop.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Interesting that there are a few low ratings for this place. It is almost impossible to get into, and has a cult following on a very popular RV forum, so the old saying that you "can't please everybody" seems to apply. We have stayed here for years and always been satisfied. It is unusual in that there are several different camping areas that are quite a distance for each other. I prefer the upper and lower ranch camps and the island. We have stayed at other places nearby, including the KOA. There is no comparison. The KOA is tight, overcrowded, and geared toward removing as much cash from your wallet as possible. Rafter J is a lot more spread out, far less crowded and doesn't have the carnival atmosphere. I look forward to returning.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This place is beautiful. The owner is one of the nicest people we have ever dealt with at a campground. She was extremely helpful and enthuastic. It is built on a working cherry orchard and it's a work in progress. The back-in sites are the lake are perfect. I look forward to returning.
rating [ 3/10 ]
Made and paid for reservations. Given a site that was a row end. The site was so small that I could not put the awning up, it blocked the road. I told the owner that this was unacceptable. His response? Don't worry about it, everybody is parked behind you for the night, there won't be any traffic. His next offer was to allow us to fill our water tank and park next to a building that had a 30 amp. receptacle. I asked about the rows of empty sites? He replied that they were 50 amp. and he couldn't put me there. I requested a refund. He then decided that a 50 amp. site would work. He refused to honor his Good Sam discount. "It's bike rally week, and I'm already giving you a great deal. Other places get three times as much". This campground isn't even close to the Rally, and this place is hardly a "deal". Good place to avoid.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is the place to be if you want to tour DC. while camping. The staff does an excellent job of providing all the information you need for a great trip. The site we had was more than adequate, not nearly as tight as some other reviewers would have you believe. There was plenty of room for a picnic table and a fire ring. Maintainance is a bit lacking. One site near us was used as a mini "junkyard", with a campground truck and golf cart that odviously hadn't been used in a while. This is very much an urban campground, surrounded by the beltway, rt 95, and a very busy surface street. Traffic noise is constant, but hardly unexpected in this situation. Overall, we were very happy with the place and we will be back.
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