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rating [ 7/10 ]
This park was extremely noisy. Quiet time was 10 PM. However, the nearby motor speedway ran until midnight. Our sites were really tight. Our neighbors sewer line was right next to our table and there was nowhere to move it to. I think this park was set up when trailers were a lot smaller. Staff was pretty friendly and grounds were clean. Nice to be able to fish in the nearby creek. If you don't mind engine noise half the night, it is a nice place.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This was our first stay at this campground. I have to say, the staff and owners were just wonderful, so pleasant. It was Halloween weekend; there was so much to do. Lots of activities and amenities. Everyone made us feel like family, both the staff and the other campers. We can't wait to return to this campground.
rating [ 5/10 ]
This is an old campgrounds. Lots of old RV's. Could use some sprucing up. Bathrooms were very clean. We stopped here for an overnight stop. Got discount on the caverns. Owners couldn't be nicer. Very friendly and helpful. Great for overnight. Nothing for children to do other than the caverns. They have a gift shop but no camp store. All in all it was pleasant, but would not stay for any length of time.
rating [ 5/10 ]
This is a new campground, however, I do not feel there was enough planning or thought put into it. While it was very clean (everything is new), the layout could be much better. There are no trees big enough to supply shade. It looks as though they went in and leveled everything and marked off campsites. The bath house was across a field about 100 feet or more. We were the closest campers to the bath house. I am glad we were not in the back of the grounds! In all fairness, they are putting in another bath house which is located on one side of the campgrounds, about thirty feet from what looks like another campgrounds with permanents who appear to live in their campers year round. There is no fence separating the two and it would be very easy for them to just walk into Cedar Creek Landing Campground. There was lots of noise from the other campground, motors reeving, people shouting. It was not very unpleasant, but they were quiet at night. The game room consisted of four machines in the poorly stocked camp store and the playground was on the other side of the bathhouse (outside of the security gate) with no visibility from the campers and only separated from the road by an open rail fence. The pavilion was not used as it was right next to the playground and too far to have to carry food, etc. I did ask if they were going to put in a mini-golf or horseshoes or something to do on the field which had no purpose and was told "No. They have too much money tied up in this place already" by the manager. They are more than the 15 min. they say it is from Rehoboth Beach(with the traffic and it was only April). The staff were polite but not friendly. They have an 11 am check out. When I asked why so early, I was told "To clean the sites before the next campers come in." But our fire ring was full of plastic, paper and foam debris when we got there, which we had to clean out before we could use it. In my opinion, There just isn't anything to do here to make me want to come back and pay $65.00 a night.
rating [ 7/10 ]
The campgrounds is out of the way, which we loved. There was lots to do at the campgrounds, however, everything closed up much too early. We wanted to play mini-golf and it was closed at 5:00pm. The office/store closed early as well. A great campground, just make sure you take your own entertainment. Campsites were not level at the bottom of the hill. They definitely cater more to the seasonal campers. Cell phones don't get out and even the air card for the computer doesn't work in this area.
rating [ 5/10 ]
We camped here with two other families. When we made our reservations we were not put together as a group. Our campsite flooded our first night there. We moved to another site, however this meant we were even further from our group. We were at one end of the campgrounds and they were on the other end. It made it difficult since we shared food. The bathrooms were, for the most part, acceptable but not the greatest. Lots of gulf carts running around. Kids were oblivious to traffic. Very busy campgrounds. We will not stay there again.
rating [ 9/10 ]
One of the nicest campgrounds we have been to. We have several other campers and we like to camp as a group. The staff did whatever they could to accommodate us. Good facilities, nice staff, large sites w/trees. We were very happy there and we will go back. We camped in travel trailers.
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