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rating [ 8/10 ]
We have been staying here for most of the last 7 years. Usually for 2 weeks ever since the made a effort alter the sites to allow backing in of trailers. This year they went out of there way to provide great service in the form of weed removal so we could have access to the water behind our fifth wheel camper. This campground is wonderful as far as we are concerned and would recommend it to anyone especially if the like water views and access.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Great park, very clean, nice pool, busy on weekends, but nicely quiet Monday thru Friday. We liked to use the small beach on the river and were not happy with the 30 or so mooring buoys in the water of the beach.
rating [ 10/10 ]
The best campground I have ever been to.
rating [ 3/10 ]
I want you to know how disappointed I was when I arrived at your RV park and found out that it was almost entirely set up for motor homes. I own a large Cedar Creek 5th wheel RV which has large living room windows in the rear. This unit like many other units that were at you facility are perfect for backing in to one of the water sites and enjoying the view just like the motor homes got to do. We had committed to a two week stay, so we set up the best we could on the bay side spot H6. We did our best to enjoy ourselves and we did enjoy ourselves as we always do, even thought the realization that it was apparent that towables were second class citizens at this facility. The irony of the situation is that for the entire first week on the bay water spots there were only 3 motor homes and nineteen towables, Nine or ten of these towables were rear living room units with big back windows all facing the road. Week two there were a few more motor homes but it still never came close to be even half of the units in the park. I was able to set up my trailer and get my truck out from in front of it with not too much trouble because I had no neighbors at the time. I spent the rest of my two weeks watching and helping other towables go through contortions to get there trailers set up on the sites near me. Twice I had to move my camp chairs and tables so a new camper could drive on my site so he could get setup on his because that was the only way to set his trailer. I was glad I had not set up my screen room on that location because if I had my neighbors would never been able to set up. We actually watched one camper with a towable give up trying to set up and left in frustration, as you are well aware of all these towables paid the same amount as did the motor homes that just had to pull in. I have been RVing for some time now and have been to several other water front RV parks. All these others made arrangements for both type of RVs by having both hookups on each site or sites for each type. Even though your map says pull in spots that type of description is somewhat misleading the description does not specify which side and what location the utilities are located making it impossible to know what the true arrangement is. I want you to know I probably will not stay at your facility again because of its position on towables. If you are going to set up an entire park for Motor homes you should say you are motor home exclusive or you should set up your park so that all types of units can take advantage of the beautiful scenery equally. I will be advising all I come to talk to about this problem with your park and posting my reviews where appropriate.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Good access to Bar Harbor area.
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