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rating [ 3/10 ]
Owner decided to put us in a site next to her house outside of the main camping area. We thought that we were in the overflow area, but discovered the next morning that less then a third of the campground were in use and of those sites in use most were permanent setups. Why she put us in the site she did is beyond me, but as we were only going to be there one additional night it would have been more trouble to move to a different site. The site we were in provided no appreciable camping experience. As we said, the site was located in the owner's side yard. We couldn't use the picnic table because it was within 3 feet of the sewer access and was a child size setup. Our view on that side of the travel trailer was of a metal garden shed butted up to the pad the picnic table was on, an old mobile home being used as storage or a workshop, a rusting pickup truck and a gaggle of rusting lawn equipment. We were so close to the road that ran up into the main camping area that we could not deploy our awing or light a fire due to concerns that it might interfere with traffic. Though the campground was fairly quiet the weekend we were there, there was evidence of 4 wheelers and dirt bikes having been run through various campsites in the main area. As for the amenities, the swimming pool was one that you would have in the back yard of your home, the putt putt golf setup was less than 5 holes, we didn't see the game room which was housed in a metal building. The camp store where we checked in was dirty and clearly in need of being spruced up. This is a family run campground and we got the impression that the family might have taken on more than they could easily take care of. The campground roads and some of the sites were in need of scraping and regraveling and our site plus the site next to us should not exist. The owners also have a u-haul franchise set up at the entrance and their whitewater equipment as well. There was little if any evidence of security and people roamed the area all day and night. We will not be going back to this campground as we do not feel that we were treated to a good camping experience. The owners do not seem to care much about their campground or their customers. With a lot of TLC this campground could be spectacular, but I am doubtful it will happen.
rating [ 5/10 ]
We stayed in the White Oaks Campground at Table Rock State Park. It was a nice quiet campground with access to a lake with a swimming area within walking distance. There are also hiking trails that take you up to Table Rock. We spent a very nice weekend camping with friends and are likely to go again as it is less than 2 hours from where we work. It is a CCC campground and as far as that type of campground a little bit more rustic than other CCC campgrounds we have been in.
rating [ 5/10 ]
This park is quiet. We had a site (number 16) on the stream and all we heard was it flowing by. The sites are all graveled and not very wide. With our awning open and our 3 foot slide out, we were at the boundary railroad ties for our site. Thankfully, there was no one in site 18 and only a small pop-up in site 14. Sites 14 up are in the upper section of the campground and there is no way for you to turn the rig around when leaving. One must back down to just below site 14 to be able to turn around and head out of the campground. We would stay again in one of the sites in the lower section if we were attending funtions in Waynesville, Maggie Valley, or Cherokee. If we were staying just for a camping weekend I think we'd stay elsewhere. The campground personnel were very nice and friendly. They truly offered service with a smile.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is a very nice campground. The sites were wide and almost level. We had site # 32 the last site in the park and had a very easy time backing it in and setting it up. The campground is very family friendly and if you have children who like to bike in the campground, this is the camp for you. We did not use the bathroom/shower facilities, but did use the laundry facilities. The washing machine hadn't been balanced properly and did not do a good job and was over-priced. There is plenty to do in and around the campground. We will definitely return to this park.
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