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rating [ 9/10 ]
This is our second extended visit to this RV park, lasting about 2 months each time. I have read criticisms of this park in other reviews which have made me wonder if we were at the same place. Agreed, the facilities have some age on them, but improvements are being made by the current owners on a regular basis. This past month (Dec 2010) the big push was to repave the old roadways, which had gotten quite rutty in places. About half the roadway system was repaved early this month and all the ruts are now gone. Since last year, a full-time maintenance staff has been hired. When the new manager discovered that my partner was disabled, the maintenance supervisor was sent to built her a temporary walkway out of stone pavers between our doorway and the roadway. Anyway, we have found the park to be comfortable and convenient. Fees are reasonable. The staff is friendly and responsive to problems. The park is satellite friendly for Datastorm users. Even the Muscovy ducks on the lake are friendly. When we return to southern Louisiana next year, we plan to stay here again.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This park is very pretty with a courteous and friendly staff. It is kept scrupulously clean -- trash is picked up continuously during the day. The public services (laundry, bathrooms, game room and meeting room) are competent and well-kept. It is a perfect site for a weekend getaway. The park has some drawbacks for longer stays: Despite its location a little over a mile from I-95, cell phone coverage is spotty for most users. Verizon seems to get the best coverage. The AT&T signal was weak and prone to disappear at inconvenient moments. The cable hookup is a low-tier DirecTV satellite feed with about 2 dozen channels, including local channels. Like all satellite TV, it is vulnerable to drop-out during thunderstorms. Other than that, and the limited available programming, we found the quality of the images to be good. The wireless system appears to be a Starband-based turnkey satellite service marketed by NomadISP under the brand "Hotspot". The park advises that it is to be used for checking weather and email. This is very good advice, as the system's limited capacity and restrictive fair access policy make it only marginally useful for other purposes. Even checking bank balances or ordering products over the internet can become tests of endurance. I once waited 15 minutes for the system to load an account balance page at my bank's website. Happily, for visitors with a need for more bandwidth, there is an excellent free public library wifi service available about 7 miles to the west of the park in Spotsylvania Courthouse. In fairness to the park, I talked with the owners about the wifi. It turns out that the isolated location that makes the park so attractive also makes a low-level market for hard-wire communication services. And there are a half-dozen satellite-friendly sites available for folks with their own dish systems.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Small park on a small creek north of Williamsport PA. Resident manager. Our 37 foot 5th wheel just did fit into largest available site. Very quiet, most RV sites are wooded, about 1/3 are located along the creek. About 2/3 of sites appeared to be seasonal campers with a few apparently permanent residents. Water is lightly sulfurated, use bottled water for drinking. We stayed about a week and found the facility clean and relaxing. No satellite friendly RV sites.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Some dogs are not allowed as pets. Most 50 A and sewer connection sites are taken early by seasonal campers. Approximately 20 satellite-friendly sites. Very clean large grassy campsites with fire rings, picnic tables and chipmunks. Sanitary dump station with flush hose available. Also local black/grey tank pump service available. This park is very friendly, very quiet, with three camping areas spread out among 300 acres of cornfields and connected with paved roads. Private lake front has boat ramp and channel out to main lake. Three separate shower facilities with one handicapped accessible. On site oak and hickory firewood sales. Many on site activities.
rating [ 7/10 ]
This is an older mobile home park which is partly redeveloped for RV parking. It's one of a handful of RV parks in the Raleigh NC area. Many of the RVs are parked for longer terms, but there are usually a few overnight spots. Owners are a friendly and helpful resident couple. We generally use the park as a base for long stops in the Raleigh area. Many of the sites are completely open and satellite dish friendly.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Pro: A very nice ongoing remake by new owners of an older campground. RV sites have full 50A E/W/S hookups. Most RV sites are wooded, but several larger sites are more open and satellite friendly. Our rooftop Datastorm dish connected from site 55 on the first try. Nice sandy beach on the intracoastal waterway at North Landing River. Lots of wooded tent sites as well as beach front sites. Playground amenities include water-battleground with forts and launchers. Friendly and helpful staff, full-service camp store with adjacent swimming pool. About 20 miles along a scenic drive to Virginia Beach ocean front; about 27 miles to the big shopping complexes (Wal-Mart, etc., et al.) just off I-64 at Chesapeake VA. Con: Poor cell-phone connection. New Verizon tower under construction to the south, but probably not available for 2006 summer season.
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