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rating [ 8/10 ]
This is a 55 plus park consisting of snowbirds who have been coming here for years. It is getting to be predominately park models which the new owners are encouraging, but overall, it offers many activities and if you make an effort to become involved, you will enjoy it. The Wi-Fi system is free and even free, it's not worth it: terrible! The trains coming through town can't be ignored at first, but eventually, you don't hear them. The smell of the livestock feed two miles away, however, is a different matter. When the wind is blowing a certain way: get a clothes pin for your nose! The spaces are ample; wider than some other parks we've been to. There's not much in the town of Wellton in the way of shopping, but Yuma is only 20 miles or so away. The town library is surprisingly great! State of the art for such a small town and also has computers available. For the price, this is a good park.
rating [ 5/10 ]
The only major complaints I have about this park is that you may start out having a wonderful view of the ocean, and then some big rig pulls in alongside you and your view is instantly gone! It's a shame that they couldn't have configured it for the view, but I'm sure they get more money out of it this way. The staff was "so so". We enjoyed the area of Gold Beach and walks on the beach from our rig and short drives to other areas along the coast. If you can get a site in the upper level, you might have a better chance at that lovely view.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is ultimate "class" in motor camping. The lakeview sites are very relaxing. No gravel or dirt, here. Instead, well-kept lawn. Our doggie fell in love! It's hard to remember that the lake and all of its environs were "hand made". There actually were a couple of times, when looking up at the palm trees, I could make myself believe I was in some exotic place like Hawaii, instead of Pahrump. However, the convenience of the casino and restaurant, within short walking distance, were a fun reminder that we were, in fact, in Nevada! Although Pahrump is an out in the middle of nowhere destination, Terrible's Lakeside is a good reason to go there.
rating [ 3/10 ]
If and when they get this family park up to snuff, it might earn a higher rating, but when we were there, it was in a state of neglect. The pool was closed due to a problem; the tennis courts need work and the laundramat is fire hazard! They do have activities for the kids on weekends, which is a nice feature, but unless you want to feel as if you're living with and on top of your neighbors, pay the extra amount for a premium site. The standard sites are a mish mash of rigs facing in every direction, on top of each other. We didn't use the restrooms much, but the few times we did, they seemed clean enough, although they look as if they came from another era. The office staff is extremely courteous and helpful, although there was one gentleman that was a bit rude when we were trying to shop in the store. Seemed like we were "interfering" with his plans to close up. He told us to "Hurry it up!" Needless to say, we put our souveneirs down and bought them elsewhere. Overall, I'd say this is one of those campgrounds who has seen better days and needs to bring its amenities up to its current fees.
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