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rating [ 9/10 ]
This is a very tidy campground. As other reviewers have stated, the bathrooms are amazingly clean. They also do an excellent job keeping the campground clean. I saw someone out trimming branches and cleaning the sites (leaf blower) after people checked out. The pool area was very nice, too. This campground is a great place to stay while exploring Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. The only reason I gave it a 9 instead of a 10 is because the sites are very small. Our picnic table was 3 ft away from our neighbors sewer hookup. To the campground's credit, they have planted a small bush to conceal the hookup. One nice touch is the free night if you purchase a certain amount of clothes from their boutique. It's like getting free clothes (or a free night camping) even if the clothes are overpriced. Overall, we had a very enjoyable stay even if the sites are a little close to each other.
rating [ 5/10 ]
We camped here several years ago and things have definitely changed for the worse. The bathroom and shower facilities were nasty. We were there 3 days and the facilities were never cleaned. The pool filter housing sprung a leak. Instead of fixing it, the owner turned off the filter pump. Pool became nasty real quick without filter running. We walked up to the lodge and were greeted with a heat wave when we walked in. Either the A/C didn't work or it was turned off. Overall, the place is run down. Either the owner does not care or the place is not generating the needed income to keep it up. It is really a shame, though. This is a beautiful location with lots of activities nearby (Hiawassee rafting, hiking, etc.).
rating [ 9/10 ]
This was our second trip to Bear Cove Village. The camp hosts are very friendly. They helped me back in and then provided boards to level my trailer. Yes, you need boards to level. I needed 3 2x6s on one side to level. The sites are very close together, but there are a few that have some space so that your picnic table is not next to your neighbors sewer hookup (1, 6, 11). The bathrooms are very nice and very clean. They are the individual style, private bathrooms with their own toilet, sink, shower, and locking door. They are also air conditioned. The campground has two pools that are nice but kind of small. The office/store is well stocked and reasonable priced. While we were here, they had a cookout with free hot dogs and hamburgers. Very nice. We really like this campground (just pick your site wisely) and stay here because of the close proximity to Dollywood/Splash country.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This was our second stay at Topsail. Some things haven't changed. Beautiful beach, great camp sites, friendly staff, good laundry facility. However, there are a few negatives. First, my flip flops were stolen from the boardwalk at the beach. Maybe my bad for leaving them on the boardwalk instead of taking them out on the sand, but who steals flip flops? Also, someone took our shower caddy. I left the caddy in the shower and went back for it about an hour later. It was gone. I checked everyday with the office thinking someone might return it. No luck. Again, who stills a shower caddy? Also, the bathrooms were not clean. There was seaweed stuck on the shower wall and it stayed here all week. Speaking of seaweed, it was really bad in the ocean. You can't blame the park, but be aware that seaweed may be a problem. Overall, we had a great time and are planning on returning next year. I'll keep a better watch on my flip flops and shower caddy.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is one of the best state park campgrounds that we have ever visited. We camped in the upper loop in site 5 (also had site 3). All the sites were large and very spacious. I couldn't get over how much room there is between sites. Most of the sites in the upper loop looked level side to side. In the pull through section and the lower loop, I did see some campers which required boards to get level. The staff were helpful and friendly, but if you need any supplies you should buy them before you arrive. The camp store was not stocked well at all. There are lots of hiking trails accessible from the campground and Desoto Falls is well worth the short drive. My biggest complaint about the campground is the showers and bathrooms. They were dirty most of the time. Each bathhouse only has 3 showers for male and 3 showers for female. The campground was full, so the bathhouse got a lot of use. The bathhouse was clean after it had been cleaned, but it did not stay that way long. It was cleaned in the early afternoon and by evening (when most people take showers) they were filthy. If the bathhouse had been cleaner or cleaned more than once a day, I would have rated this state park a 10.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We spent 5 days here (2 adults and 3 kids) and had a great time. We stayed in one of the premium, full hookup sites (48/49). It was worth the extra money to have a little extra space because I thought the sites were on the small side. The restrooms and showers were very clean. However, the showers were push button operated. In other words, you push a button and the shower would run for awhile (maybe 60 seconds). My wife complained because one of the showers would only run for about 10 seconds and you would have to push the button again. Also, the hot water is not adjustable. We spent most of our time at Dollywood and SplashCountry, but did swim in the pool at the campground (nice pool). The campground also had a nice game room and family activities at night. The camp store had all the essentials and was reasonably priced. The owners were very friendly and eager to help. While we were at Dollywood one day, a bad storm came through and one of the owners lowered my awning to protect it from the high winds. With that kind of thoughtfulness, we will definitely camp there again.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We camped here over Easter weekend (2006) and had a great time. We were in site 161 right across from the pool, playground, and sand volleyball lot. The sites in this loop (140-168) are very small and most have little shade, but they all appeared to be pretty level. (This was a very level loop, but other loops appeared to be more hilly.) One draw back was the steep drop-off on the back of our site. (I did not walk around the campground, so I can't comment on other sites.) Our site had full hookups and we didn't experience any problem with the sewer. My kids (3, 7, and 10) loved the sand volleyball lot and the large grassy area for playing. Plus, there were lots of other kids for pickup volleyball and kickball games. The bathhouse in this loop was one of the cleanest we've ever seen with large showers that had a separate area for dressing, etc. Also, the staff was very friendly and helpful. They had an Easter egg hunt for the kids and free coffee/donuts in the morning on the weekend days. There is plenty to do at the Park. Also, we hiked up the mountain, rode the skylift, rode the train, watched the laser show, went to the 4D theatre, played in the Great Barn and the Treehouse. The only drawback to all the activities is that they are expensive. (This campground does have a good deal where you can buy an all inclusive wristband and get two days for the price of one.) One word of caution, don't speed in the park. The speed limit in the Park is 30 mph and it is strictly enforced. We saw numerous people pulled over by the Park police. Overall, we had a great experience. The only drawback (and it is entirely dependent on your point of view) is that Stone Mountain Park is in a very city/suburban area (a Super Wal-Mart and Super Target are less then 5 minutes away). It kind of lacks the "getting away" from it all feeling.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This campground (ran by the Corp of Engineers) is on the tailwaters of the Dale Hollow Dam and is one of the nicest campgrounds we've stayed in. The campsites are very spacious, level, and all are provided shade by large, mature trees. We camped in site 31 (pull-thru) and even though it rained, all of our gear stayed dry because of the canopy provided by the trees. The campground is flat which made for great bike riding for our three kids plus the campground has a 3/4 mile bike/hiking trail that is paved and flat. There is a fish hatchery nearby which provided great trout fishing. Two playgrounds are provided. One was older with the typical merry-go-round, swings, slides, etc. , while one was newer that was more like a climbing structure. On the lake side of the dam (about a 2 mile drive from campground), is a swinging bridge that goes to an island that provided nice hiking and a fun place to swim. My only complaint is the bathhouse (at least the one we used (close to site 31)... I can't comment on the others). While they were clean, they really could use to be updated (at least the mens). The sinks were chipped and rusted as where the hand dryers. The showers did have hot water. The large pull-thru sites are some of the nicest (sites 24, 25, 27, 29, 31, 33). Sites 34, 35, and 36 are also very nice. Overall, this is a great campground and we look forward to going back again some day.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We spent a long weekend here and had a great time (2 adults and 3 kids - 8, 6, and 2). One bit of advice, reserve a 40' site. Most of the good sites are 40' sites and all the sites in Loop 5 are 40' sites. IMO, Loop 5 is the best loop... the sites are large and not crowded plus offer plenty of shade. We reserved a 25' site and had a tough time finding a decent site (Loop 1, site 25). (If the campground is not full, you can stay in any site, however, if it's full you must stay in the type of site you reserved). Some of the loops were very primitive with dirt roads and unleveled sites (Loop 3 and Upper Loop 4). The bathhouses were clean and in good operational condition (they are in the process of building a new bathhouse in Loop 1). We rode bikes all through the campground and there are plenty of playgrounds to keep kids occupied. The Liberty pool was not open, but was big and I'm sure would be lots of fun when opened. We also went horseback riding in the park. I thought it was expensive at $30 per person for an hour ride, but my kids had a great time. Don't miss nearby Callaway Gardens. They have miles of bike trails and a beautiful beach that would be great for swimming. Overall, this is a great park and we plan on going back in the summer when we can swim in the Liberty pool and at Callaway gardens. I would have rated it higher than an 8 except the Trading Post store was close (due to staff shortages) and the there was no place in the park to purchase firewood (the campground host didn't have any firewood). Also, the park is well patrolled. I saw park police driving through the campground on a regular basis.
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