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rating [ 8/10 ]
Clean campground located about 30 min south of Traverse City and an hour east of Sleeping Bear Dunes. The good: Heated pool. Mini golf at $1 per round kept kids happy. Clean restrooms and super clean laundry facilities. Bounce pillow was great for kids, and the playground was good. Train ride was fun for kids. They deliver wood and pick up trash. Areas of need: only one restroom. A second facility, even if it was a shed with a flush toilet would be helpful for when they close the restrooms to clean. Because there is only one bathroom, a vanity counter with hairdryer plugs would be helpful so women could brush teeth and wash hands instead of waiting while others are taking over the sinks and mirrors to do hair and makeup. Wi-fi weak and actually broke during our stay. They also ran out of ice in the store and couldn't tell us when we could get more. Overall a good stay at a small and clean KOA.
rating [ 9/10 ]
I gasped at the $61/ night campground rate at Moose Hillock in Warren, NH. I mean, I have stayed at hotels that have cost less than that. So when we committed to a Memorial Day Weekend stay, I was expecting great things. We got it. Warren is a sleepy little town located about 15 miles west of Plymouth. As you pull into the campground, you are greeted by a well-maintained office and store. The office staff is friendly and clean. The store is well stocked with everything you could have possibly forgotten. When you come around the corner, you are greeted by the pool. The reason you pay $61/ night. It is a big Lagoon pool, supposedly designed by the Disney folks. A sunken pirate ship shoots off water cannons and has a waterslide. The pool is huge and can accommodate a TON of people. Hundreds of well-maintained beach chairs line the pool. The sites are big, level, clean, and private. There is enough shade to keep you cool and enough sun to keep you warm. Our fire pit was big with a huge boulder on the backside to throw off heat. Bathrooms were clean with individual private showers. They are pay showers, which is my only complaint about the campground. A $61 campsite should come with free showers. And, for a pay shower, the water was lukewarm and more like a dribble or spray bottle, depending on the bathhouse you used. Other recreation included a huge playground, basketball court, catch-and-release pond, and access to White Mountain bike and hike trails. There was also a trail along the river with small waterfalls and natural pools. The campground enforces quiet hours, and we were surprised at how quiet it really did become at 10 pm. The pool, big sites, clean restrooms, and access to nature make this campground absolutely worth every penny. Midweek rates and post-Labor Day rates are a little more reasonable. Be warned, however: this is not a campground that you go to for peace, quiet, and solitude. This is a place designed for families with children: there are kids everywhere!
rating [ 8/10 ]
This campground was a perfect home base that allowed us to explore Cape Cod. We were an hour to Falmouth--to get over to Martha's Vineyard--and an hour to Provincetown. Centrally located, the campground enables us to see much of the Cape. The bathrooms were clean, although in need of some updating, especially in the showers. We did see staff close the bathrooms to clean them as well. Six playgrounds throughout allowed each area to have a place for kids to play. There was mini-golf that seemed to be well-maintained. The store was well-stocked. Staff was plenty friendly from reservation to checking in to checking out. There is a section for seasonals which seemed to be well-maintained. It would be great if the campground could find a way to sell discounted town beach tickets, because at 15 dollars per day, it could add up quickly. One thing to note is that the bike path does not lead right to the rail trail. We had to ride on 124 for a bit--a little scary with two younger children. I would definitely stay again.
rating [ 9/10 ]
One of our favorites! I have been going here since I was a kid. It closed for a while in the late 80s and early 90s and it's back and hard to get a site! Here's what we love: Good sized sites-- and a variety--shaded, pull-through, safari-type seasonal must keep their sites clean and neat Big ball field Good game room. Super clean restrooms. A few great playgrounds. Very nice owners and very nice campers. A full staff who are always out cleaning up. A good store. You can bring a boat and best of all--our favorite lake to swim in. It's clean, it's refreshing, it's beautiful, and you can walk out far! We try other campgrounds, but we keep coming back to Mi-Te-Jo!
rating [ 7/10 ]
We got a coupon to stay here for 25 percent off before the main season began. I gave this a seven, rather than an 8, because the bathrooms were not cleaned while we were there. I expect it was because it was so early in the season. The pool was great. They have a nice water slide. We went on the rock and roll wagon ride--great fun. The camp store could use a little more stocking and a fresh coat of paint. People in the office were plenty friendly. We stayed in "The Beach" area--down near the brook. We loved the size of the site and the privacy. I would go back again in high season to check it out one more time and see if the bathrooms were better maintained. The location of the highway is superb and the proximity to everything in the White Mountains and the Lakes Region make it a great home base!
rating [ 1/10 ]
We should have left when we pulled in. This park screams, "We don't take care of our property and we won't take care of our customers!" Rest rooms were NOT cleaned while we were here. There is clearly a sign that says it is cleaned from 10-11 daily. We arrived on a Friday and hoped it would be cleaned by our shower on Saturday. No such luck. Still not done on Sunday. Human waste, trash, feminine products, and moldy showers were all part of the mess. We asked them to clean on Sunday at 11. Owner's daughter said she was "surprised" it wasn't done and told us it would be taken care of. Asked again at 2. Still not done by 4. Decided not to stay anymore and risk our health and children's health. We asked for our money back that night and were told we couldn't have it because we had already enjoyed the facilities that day. Let me tell you about the "facilities." Tree roots everywhere; potholes that could have blown out a tire; cigarette butts on our site; outdated and broken playground equipment; a dirty pool that needed to be vacuumed, painted, and filled to its capacity; a broken tether ball pole that had a metal chain and dangerous metal hook with no ball; a broken volleyball net; an advertised mini golf course that was filled in; a "game room" with five games; broken, beat up boat rentals; and a "freshwater pond" that was more like a swamp. Do not stay here if you expect owner pride. Do not stay here if you expect general cleanliness. Do not stay here if you expect to be treated like a paying customer. Do not stay here if you want to avoid disease, foot fungus, and germs. Do not stay here at all. These people have a lot to learn about running a business, particularly in the hospitality business.
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