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rating [ 6/10 ]
It pains me to give Frontier Town a 6 rating. We're generally big fans. If you subtract the BS we had to deal with, I would have gladly given them an 8 or 9. However, as you will read on, the actions of a few have stained a very nice campground. You can see my prior review of FT in which I was very pleased but did comment on my one issue. First the good: Great family campground for kids with tons to do. Waterpark is included with admission although it gets packed, and there is a pool, playground, and a very good Western Show. The camp store is as good as I've ever seen, with great customer service. The location is great too, as Ocean City is very close with Assateague State park where the wild horses roam the beaches all of 5 minutes away. They also upgraded the waterfront Z loop with new landscaping, sod, and patio block type fire pits. Very impressive. Now the bad. The golf cart police has taken "wanna be police" to a whole new level. Supplement that with a verbally abusive elderly female lifeguard, and we left with a bad taste in our mouth and will skip coming in 2013 as our official protest. I guess these employees skipped the "Treat the customer well" class when they were hired. I get it. From a liability standpoint, you have to be diligent in enforcing golf cart rules. Many are zooming around. However, if you have an issue you can be polite about it. Not the case here. I can list countless examples of non rule breaking reprimands, but the bottom line is how you speak to a customer goes along way. The lifeguard was even worse. Shouting, screaming at kids and parents make it hard to believe she still has a job. The only other negative I have is they really need to work at laying down a ton more grass seed. The E loop is basically now more dirt and gravel with some grass, and it looks like the other sites are the same. I wouldn't say things are run down, but that description for some sites isn't far off. Basically they need to address the other sites that aren't at a premium with the same mentality that went into the Z loop improvement. Final note for the fit people. A great Powerhouse gym is located 3 miles up the road.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We stayed here a little over a week because we were in between moving to a new home. We live about 20 minutes from this campground so we knew what we were getting with this CG going in. The positive part of this CG is the 500 section. We stayed in 507. I can see why they are in high demand. The sites here are spacious, and easily housed my 35ft TT. Some of the sites have excellent privacy backing up to the woods. Your also located fairly close to a baseball field. Many of these sites however did not have any grass, (just dirt) which turned out to be messy during heavy rain. The cable TV worked fine. I would not stay at any other site in the park even if you paid me to come. Shady isn't the right word, run down may better but not an element I want to be around. I'm really not trying to be harsh, just honest for anyone with a family of young children. The main office staff was friendly. They give you an access card to get in and out of the CG. My overall rating is a 7.0 because of the 500 section. If I had stayed anywhere else in the CG I would be giving it a 2.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Let the positive reviews keep coming. Turkey Swamp Park is the real deal. We definitely will be back. The lake is beautiful, where you can rent canoe's, kayaks, and paddle boats. (Cash only). The campground itself is immaculate. The sites are huge, and very wooded and private. Our TT is 35 feet so driving through the park is a bit tight at times but manageable. They offered a free wagon ride around the entire park which is beautiful. Heads up. If you have a big rig, you will want to stay on the E loop.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is a great family campground. The waterparks were nice, the two pools were solid and the Western Shows during the day are a must. The park is very clean and TONS to do for the kids. We stayed in the F loop which like many can be a bit congested. The service when needed was excellent. We stayed in a 35 ft TT. I suggest you do your homework to find the best site possible. The shaded TENT only area looked great for those in tents. Water front sites were breathtaking. I should add that the cabins looked very nice too. We rented golf carts, which is highly suggested based on this park's size. I will submit to you that the security is very Dukes of Hazard, Roscoe P Coltrain like, about stopping you if they think your breaking even the slightest rule. It was borderline annoying. This seemed to intensify as the Fourth of July crowd started rolling in. Random thoughts: The Wi-Fi was good at times, and spotty at others. Frontier Town is in close proximity to Ocean City (15 minutes), and Assateague State Park (5 minutes) which gives you plenty to do. The store was very big and had just about everything. Hope this helps someone. If it wasn't for the retired cop syndrome regarding the golf cart police, I would have scored this place a 10.
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