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rating [ 10/10 ]
We stopped back by the Tumble In because we had such fun in Marfa last time and wanted to see how the owners had fixed it up since our last time through, and we were really excited! They have incredible bathrooms and showers now and really strong free WIFI and they've been planting trees and grass. They even restored / fixed up their little self-check in trailer -- an adorable old "canned ham." One of the reasons we had so much fun last time was because the young couple who owned it were so nice, and they were just as nice and helpful this time. We've never seen as RV park with the style this place is going for. It's just cool for the whole family. It's only a year old, but the Tumble In is really going to be special.
rating [ 6/10 ]
We liked this place best in Alpine. It has a charming, old time feel with small but private and shaded, (guess by what: Pecan trees!) sites on the outskirts of town. Cute and friendly overall. Not as fancy or new as the Lost Alaskan, but that's sort of why we wanted to give it a try.
rating [ 4/10 ]
We stopped over at this park after the park on the other side of town because it has great views, too. Maybe even better because they are unrestricted. And because you can't see town, you feel like you are out there. But that's about all we can recommend. It's a big white gravel parking lot and the long term-ers run the place and stare at you all the time. It creeped my wife out. The spots are right on top of each other, too, so there's no getting away really. The ones down the hill are better if you want to stay there.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This place is new -- no facilities, landscaping just getting going, internet not up yet (as of June 2011) -- so it's not going to thrill any one who needs all the perks. But if you want an incredible view (thirty miles, maybe?), peace and quite, space between sites, a mile long view of the trains coming around the bend, be a 1/4 mile from Marfa with a great view of town, on the way to Alpine, on the way to Big Bend National park, near the Marfa Lights ... need I go on? The place is cool. There a great old vintage neon sign,too. We'll be back.
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