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rating [ 8/10 ]
I usually travel in an RV, but this time I'm renting an apartment in the resort. Small park, not many people here during this time of year. Very nice personnel, even the the maintenance man. Very nice people in the park. Has a salt water pool and spa, which I enjoyed almost every day. Located on Bentsen Palm Drive, which has a great wide street out front to ride a bike to the state park. There's a birding area in the back of the park which is my favorite part of the park. Follow the trail, in the center is an area with chairs to watch the bird feeders. They have a bin of bird feed, and a water fountain that can be plugged in to attract the birds. There's jugs to fill with water to put into the fountain. When walking through the birding trail, many birds flew all around. I sat to watch, but don't know enough to ID the birds. Great start to learning birding, which this area is famous for. One couple has 5 dogs with them, so they aren't fussy about that. I have two dogs, and it's great to walk them around because there are hardly any tack weeds/goatspurs like in the other parks we visited. They have a rec room that's not air conditioned during non-Winter Texas seasons, but is nice. The kitchen has beautiful blue tile work in it. "Library" is along a wall in the kitchen. Laundry room is open 24/7, is clean and all works. Restrooms with showers are also clean. This probably has the most mature landscaping in the RGV parks. Has big trees, with lots of birds in them. Guess there's some parrots that roost here for a while during the year. It was real windy in the Pharr area, but not in this park, but enough wind to keep it cooler this time of year. The apartment I'm in was the best rate in the valley (I'm looking to buy a home in a resort). It was spacious, had a private patio to let my dogs do their business. But all their apartments have about three dozen pictures on the walls in each room. Had pokemo (?) 3 times a week during the summer. I had fun playing it with my neighbors here! Near a Dollar General, for a quickie supply stop.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Wonderful views from sites. Most sites NOT level - some class A's had front wheels off the ground. Spacious sites with covered picnic tables and grill. Sites paved and unlevel and some gravelly in parts. Gates closed from 10 pm to 6 am; if you arrive late, you park near gate and walk to site. Boat ramps there, can fish for catfish and bass from shore with TX license. Very windy here nowadays. Sewer dump for those not staying at full service. Non full-service sites on waterfront. Male/female restrooms each have a big shower (not wheelchair handy) with lots of hot water. Turn past Exxon near Dollar General on Hwy 78. Wylie closest town with Wal-Mart 6 miles from park. Laundry mats in Rockwall (Blue Wave) and Wylie area. Road construction in Rockwall on 205 - can be narrow and crazy and long traffic lines. Road to the park off 78 is zig-zaggy - watch for little Lavonia Park signs.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Park located on Florida Blvd. service road. The manager was very nice. Park is one straight long drive, with sites on both sides. Most sites have trees behind them. Gravel in back half where we stayed, but not dusty. Seems like not good for those over 37' long, as it's difficult to maneuver turn-arounds. 24-hour laundry has 3 washers and four dryers, and all worked fine. I never had to wait to use machines. Not good for kids - didn't see any, and there's nothing for them to do. Two restroom/showers in laundry building. Traveler's chapel on site. Most RV parks in area are full, and we were lucky to get in here. Three other parks, one on Janice Lane, the other on Victoria, another behind Crestview Road, were very scary even to drive through. Convenience store two businesses away. Miller's RV has parts and service right down the street. We paid $350 a month for 30 amp. We would stay here again.
rating [ 6/10 ]
The campground is way out in the middle of nowhere, at exit 209th Avenue off Highway 51, so it's west of Sand Springs. Nothing available except utilities and dumpster. Most trailers there for storage as the rate is so low ($250/30 amp, $275/50 amp). Good thing is that it's next to a friendly bar called the Expressway, really nice people hang out there - they'll make you a friend by the time you leave! Conoco gas station with store on the corner. Is on frontage road which dead ends. Sewer hook-ups on west-side sites go up-hill, but hasn't been a problem. A small concrete pad at each site, gravel or grass elsewhere.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Pleasant park. Clean, quiet, off the interstate. It's the only RV park in area, really, except for Fort Campbell, but don't stay there. Nice little store in the office, 3 fat cats live with owner, and you'll find them anywhere! Park alongside freeway, but quiet enough. 4 washers/dryers. No pavilion or game room. I jogged on the road away from the campground, past a cemetary I couldn't find any headstones. O'Connor's Pub on corner, good sports bar, busy on the weekends.
rating [ 3/10 ]
The park is open to anyone, though located for those visiting the military base next door. It was very difficult to locate the park, even with maps and directions. We stayed at one of the two campgrounds there that was open, Fletcher’s Fork. Moved in after hours, and discovered the park was right next to the skeet shooting range, open from 10 am to dark. It wasn’t pleasant hearing shotguns go off until dark. Many mosquitoes are here because it’s next to a slow-moving creek. No laundry in area. Restrooms/showers were clean. We finally moved out the next day because there was no internet or cell phone service in the gully the park was located in. A snooty office clerk said if we had paid for more than a day before moving in, they would not have refunded any money at all. It was a beautiful site with the woods and grasslands and creek.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Nice RV park. Entrance to park is easy to miss, it’s on the RIGHT side of the road off 646, though the odd number address would make it on the left. If you pass the first entrance, go just a little way and turn right onto Owens, it will take you back to the check-in convenience store/office. We had a site overlooking the lovely 9-hole golf course. Catch and release fish ponds were being redone. Well-maintained park. There’s a great little store where you check in, with a DVD rental and ATM machine. Pavilion has 4 exercise equipments, and it has tables, a small lending library, and puzzles. Lots of washers and dryers in pavilion, along with 6 clean shower bathrooms. Out in the country – not near any stuff. Poor Internet service. We pay monthly rate of $330. We’d stay here again.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Pleasant RV park, with sites available on a lake, though they are often full. Narrow road to site, narrow entrance and exit. Great staff. Have fished on the lake many times, but haven't caught anything yet; other people have caught and cooked their fish. Laundromat has 4 washers and dryers, but are often busy, and has an attached fitness room; hard to get quarters from office staff. Big laundromat across the street, but shabby. Three single shower rooms with cold floors and not enough hooks, and are dirty after noon. Women's restroom next to office is the one I used to shower in, as it was always clean and warm. There is a great mini-golf course. Little store is nicely stocked; snowcones and hot dogs available in office, too. Great seafood restaurant next door. DJM Enterprises about a mile away, was awesome with service and prices when our water heater broke. Rented a trailer and cabins are available on-site for our guests, good value. Has two little doggie parks, and a great wooded area near lake to walk your canine friends.
rating [ 6/10 ]
Not that nice, nothing special, staff not that friendly. Convenient having the parts store next door at Camping World; trash was picked up at site mostly several times a day. Longer rigs had a problem maneuvering corners. Sites were cramped and not that nice. Picnic table, some on concrete slabs. Pool was open and used, but we didn't get to try it out. "Fishing" ponds next door for guest use, I didn't get a nibble, but it's beautiful. Weekends had racetrack noise from across the highway from 8 pm to 11 pm, could hear them with TV and AC on from 10-11 pm. Grocery store and Family Dollar store across the street was handy, and a weekend indoor flea market. Rode my bike to Camp Jordan Park, across the street at the stop light; has a gravel path around the perimeter, a nice ride about 2.5 miles one way. Guess TN has regulations that you can only stay 2 weeks at a time (due to squatter's laws), so moved to Holiday Trav-L-Park, about 2 miles away. Webpage link doesn't go to campground, it goes to the sales department.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This was our first campground in our 32' Class A. What a treat it was! We were a stone's throw from the lake, and went swimming and fishing in it! Sites were wide apart, with a covered patio over a concrete pad. We had a company bring in a portable black tank for $15 a week. No laundrymat or store, but vending machines at office at the entrance. Some homeless people camped there, but they were nice. Nasty ants will come your way if you leave food out. We sprayed the perimeter of our area with Raid Ant Killer, and that kept them away. Great to ride bikes or jog around. Would definitely stay there again!
rating [ 9/10 ]
Very nice park, kept exceptionally clean. Has a great laundrymat. Showers by gender by the laundrymat, 6 individual showers in the middle of the park with more men and women restrooms. Has a clubhouse. Really nice people work the whole camp. RV store in office is handy. WiFi came in well. Leaves from the many big trees aren't picked up, tho, and they are selfish about letting use one of their rakes to clean up one's site. There's a great farmer's market if you take the first two rights out of the camp, then a right at the end of the road, across from an amusement center. Campground is actually in Rossville, Georgia.
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