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rating [ 9/10 ]
The staff was friendly when I made my reservation on the telephone, as well as when we arrived in person. She was very knowledgeable about the area and gave us directions to our in town destinations. We got to pick out our site. There are plenty of trees in-between sites, pinon pines and junipers. It was cozy, nothing like those "parking-lot" campgrounds. The time we stayed here (early Sept) it wasn't crowded. There is a little hiking trail around the top of the campground, that was pretty. I did not use the bathroom or any other facilities, so I can not comment on those. The only cons, and they weren't too bad were noise. The first night while we were eating and getting ready to sleep there was music coming from somewhere (workers area?). We could hear a consistent thump thump thump. The second night there was some loud laughing and yelling, probably someone had too much, that as about 1:30am. If we are in the area again, we will most likely stay here again.
rating [ 8/10 ]
I like this campground. I should start by saying, we don't spend much time at the actual campground, since we came to see Yosemite, that is where we were from 8am to 8pm. It is very shaded. The spots are small. We are 24 feet and my husband did a great job backing in. The sites are sort of stair-stepped, so we were higher than our neighbors on one side and lower on the other side. You do hear some highway noise. I did think I was going to take a shower at the campground, saving us some "dump-time" by using their shower. Not so, I think there was one shower and there was a line waiting to use it. The place was quiet, mostly adults, although the kids were still in school. The office was friendly. The dump station was easy. A neighbor had a problem with the water hookup and the office worker came out to help him immediately. If I couldn't stay in the park, I'd choose this campground again. We stayed here for 3 days, and we were glad to find it without making reservations.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We've stayed at this campground many times in the last 14 years: in tents, cabins, pop-ups and now our RV. It seems to have gone down hill. It's a nice location, on the river, and the workers are friendly. It just needs some major up-keep. I'm now reviewing for the time we spent in May 2009. It was for one night. There are a lot of permanent workers that "live" here. They all seem to have dogs, that run loose. The trash can was over flowing. It just seems run down. The bathroom was very dirty with clogged toilets and stuff on the floor. I really wish they would take better care of this place and bring it back to the it's original splender. The last few times we stayed here it appeared that young adults and teens were running it. It does have a game room, a pool and somewhat of a mini-golf course, but to me that just makes the place noisy. With that being said, I'd still stay here, (if the other place was booked), but I'm aware of what I would expect.
rating [ 9/10 ]
I will be forever grateful to the people that run this campground. We live about 4 hours away. We had concert tickets (already paid for) for Steamboat Springs, and stupidly, didn't make any camping reservations. At the last minute we called and both campgrounds in Steamboat were booked. There was a soccer tourney. The morning of the concert day, Eagle Soaring called us and asked us if we still needed a place, because someone left early. We took it, jumped in the RV and were there in plenty of time for our concert. The park itself was simple, clean, quiet. We did hook up, but didn't use the bathroom, or internet. We'd probably stay here again. We don't spend much time at the campground, so the lack of mature trees doesn't bother us. There also isn't all that stuff you don't use and end up paying for like mini golf, washers and dryers, etc. Between the two campgrounds in Steamboat, we'd pick this one. We'd stayed at other one dozens of times in the last 14 years, and let's just say: you'll have to read that review. Both run about the same price.
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