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rating [ 8/10 ]
Park deserves a 10 for cleanliness and maintenance. Sites are very narrow (20') and short for big rigs so larger rigs often park their cars partly on the rather narrow roads. To leave enough room to park in front of your rig you (and everyone else) back up as far as possible. Expect to hear your neighbors' TV and conversation. The cramped feeling is partly offset by the easy walk to the beach. Management could do a better job enforcing rules about nuisance barking. They seem to respond if you complain but do not seem to be proactive. Probably a plus for dog owners but a minus for those who would prefer not to hear a chorus.
rating [ 8/10 ]
The rate shown is based on a monthly rental. This park is almost perfect as far as sites & facilities. Wi-fi can be iffy, but the sites are large and the park is very well maintained. It would be a 10 except for the inability/unwillingness to enforce its own rules about quiet hours (9 PM) and late-night fires. After-hours calls have gone unanswered, despite the paging message. If you are planning to put your kids (or yourself) to bed at 9 or 10 PM on a weekend, understand that you may be on your own to deal with loud (possibly drunken) parties. If you prefer quiet, consider a weekday stay if you can.
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