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rating [ 3/10 ]
We have been here several times in the past. We were surprised to hear that the owner has passed away and there are new owners in place. They were nice but nothing like what was before. The property needs some attention an the bathrooms need to be cleaned. But under the circumstances we understood. Tom will be missed.
rating [ 1/10 ]
Not sure where to begin this one. When we arrived we were going to stay three months (Winter). The office staff was nice until the Managers Husband took us to our site. It was very small and there was only 30 amp service. They found us another site that was a little bigger but still no 50 amp. The managers husband was very rude and told us if this didn't work we were out of luck. We really wanted to stay here because our friends were here. We were able to get in to the site (Barely). As soon as we hooked up our electric everything began smoking! Our new flat screen TV, Our inverter and my desk top all fried. When we told the office what had happened I over heard the one lady in the office say through a window, "Oh no, it has happened again"! We were so upset. They sent a maintenance man out along with the Managers husband. Upon inspection they said there was nothing wrong. Our neighbor was there and spotted a problem. He told the young man to look at the ground line. Sure enough the parks system was not grounded properly.The managers husband asked why we did not have electrical protection, we do but not for a 30 amp plug. What a nightmare. We also discovered this happened to a person two days prior to our issues. They need to fix the electrical before they put a RV in the site. We are from Canada and I will post this on every site I can find. By the way we are still waiting for them to make a decision if our damaged items will be paid for. Our insurance co. will take care of it. We left that park and found a much nicer place to stay. I highly recommend that if you are snow birding avoid this place like the flu! Also, the managers husband should never come in contact with any guests. He is rude and has no right to speak to people as he did to us!
rating [ 9/10 ]
We stayed in this park to and from our trip to Colorado. Both times were were in the same site which worked out for us just great. Everything worked just fine, the owners were very friendly and helpful. The park is set up with some sites that have a fenced in pet run at the site. We look forward to returning. The park is in the Final Flight Path of the Air Operations in the area but it did not bother us what so ever. I actually enjoyed it.
rating [ 6/10 ]
The young man that assisted us was very nice. We were the only Overnighter in the park, the rest of the park was Full Timers. Most of the RV's appear that they had been here for some time. A few sites were doubled up, some sites needed to be cleaned up a little. The park was very quiet, everything worked just fine. It was easy in and easy out.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We were on Highway 50 and it was getting dark. Most of the parks along the river are closed for the season. We saw some lights on, parked on the side of the road before pulling in. I was going to walk down to the office when a man waved us to come on down. The Managers were extremely nice, they opened the office up, gave us a wonderful site that was level and perfect for our size (45' and towing). The next morning we were very pleased with a beautiful view of the mountain and the river. Everything worked perfectly. We were very pleased and look forward to returning.
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